Nutanix Acropolis Software Patents List

Nutanix is the most popular technology leader world wide and Nutanix evolving the Nutanix Acropolis programming codes every day to make it more secure and robust with advance features.

So it very important to take the patents of the Nutanix Acropolis operating systems program’s codes to keep the code safe. Nutanix has been taken couple of Nutanix Acropolis operating system codes program patents till today.

I will share Nutanix top 5 patents for Nutanix Acropolis Software program because those are the most critical and essential program basically make the Nutanix number #1 HCI solution world-wide.

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Nutanix Top 5 Patents

Nutanix top 5 Acropolis software patents list is here:

Patent #1 : Unique identifiers for data replication, migration, failover operations and failback operations

A computer implemented method implemented with a processor for assigning a unique identifier for a data item initially deployed at a node of a networked environment includes determining a unique node identifier for the node of the networked environment.

Atomically modifying a local counter value at the node of the networked environment, and appending the unique node identifier to the atomically modified local counter value at the node of the networked environment to form a unique ID for the data item. Read more

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Patent #2 : Architecture for implementing a virtualization environment and appliance

An improved architecture is provided which enables significant convergence of the components of a system to implement virtualization. The infrastructure is VM-aware, and permits scaled out converged storage provisioning to allow storage on a per-VM basis, while identifying I/O coming from each VM.

The current approach can scale out from a few Nutanix nodes to a large number of nodes. In addition, the inventive approach has ground-up integration with all types of storage, including solid-state drives. The architecture of the invention provides high availability against any type of failure, including disk or node failures.

In addition, the invention provides high performance by making I/O access local, leveraging solid-state drives and employing a series of patent-pending performance optimizations. Read more

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Patent #3 : Mechanism for performing rolling upgrades in a networked virtualization environment

Disclosed is a mechanism for performing rolling updates in a networked virtualization environment for storage management. The approach is applicable to any resource in the system, including controller VMs, hypervisors, and storage devices. Integrated processing may be performed across multiple types of upgrades.

In a networked virtualization environment for storage management, several nodes (e.g., servers, data centers) share a plurality of storage devices over a network. Each node may include local storage devices (e.g., solid state drive (SSD)) and the networked virtualization environment may also include several networked storage devices (e.g., cloud storage, storage area network (SAN), network file servers).

Nodes within the virtualization environment for storage management may access networked storage devices and/or local storage devices of other nodes in the virtualization environment through the network. Likewise, nodes may communicate amongst each other over the same network.
Read more

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Patent #4 : Architecture for implementing erasure coding

A method for implementing erasure coding, including identifying a plurality of storage units, determining a number of storage unit failures to be tolerated, organizing data within the plurality of storage units as a matrix of rows and columns for computing one or more parity data.

Configuring the matrix to include one or more additional rows having preset values, computing the one or more parity data from the matrix that corresponds to the number of storage unit failures to be tolerated, wherein the one or more parity data comprises a row parity, a first diagonal parity, and a second diagonal parity.

Wherein the one or more additional rows having the preset values are used to compute the first diagonal parity and the second diagonal parity; and wherein the first diagonal parity comprises a different slope from the second diagonal parity. Read more

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Patent #5 : Cache resource manager

A resource manager directs cache operating states of virtual machines based on cache resource latency and by distinguishing between latencies in flash memory and latencies in network communications and by distinguishing between executing read commands and executing different types of write commands.

As a result, the resource manager can downgrade the cache operating state of the virtual machines differently based on the type of latency being experienced and the type of command being performed.

The resource manager can upgrade and/or reset the cache operating state of the virtual machines, when appropriate, and can give priority to some virtual machines over other virtual machines when operating in a downgraded cache operating state. Read more

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Nutanix HCI is rocking the IT industry and providing best solution with one click operation functionality and take Nutanix Acropolis software codes patents to keeping Acropolis codes more secure from copy paste hackers.

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