Nutanix Licensing Starter Vs Pro vs Ultimate Comparison

Explained / Compare matrix the difference between Nutanix Starter license Vs Nutanix Pro license Vs Nutanix Ultimate license cost and features [..] Read more..

How to Install Nutanix Acropolis License

To install / activate / the Nutanix Acropolis AOS Pro , Ultimate, Encryption, CALM, Nutanix Files, Flow, Mine etc. licenses, and/or additional software add-on license in new Nutanix HCI Acropolis Appliance, Node(s), Block, Cluster [..] Read more

Nutanix Appliance Vs Nutanix NX Core based Licensing

Nutanix changed the Licensing terms as per customer requirement in three terms i.e Nutanix NX Appliance, Nutanix NX Core Appliance and CBL - Capacity Based Licensing [..] Read more @ Hyerhci

Nutanix Portal : License Tagging Feature

Nutanix support portal added new exciting feature to manage Nutanix license using Nutanix license tag feature to create license pool [..] continue reading on Hyper Hci Blog

Nutanix CVM Booting issue after Upgrading VMware ESXi Hypervisor

Nutanix Controller VM ( CVM ) is not booting up after upgrading the VMware ESXi hypervisor in Nutanix Hyper converge HCI cluster due to pass through [..] Read more

Become Expert On Nutanix License Management

Become Expert On Nutanix License Management i.e license activation, reclaim, add-on etc. Nutanix comes with factory default STARTER license and you need to upgrade it to PRO or ULTIMATE read more..

Check Your Nutanix Cluster Acropolis License Edition

How to check Your Nutanix Cluster Acropolis License Edition ? Nutanix offer three types acroplois licenses Starter, Pro & Ultimate Nutanix Acropolis software are available in several editions to meet your infrastructure needs with the right capabilities on Nutanix and partner appliances read more...

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