Reclaim / Remove Nutanix Licenses From Prism

Re-Claim Nutanix Acropolis License

Licenses are very critical asset of anyone and must be take of them. Same case in Nutanix Licenses, if you have install the Nutanix licenses in Nutanix cluster, but now your are planning to destroy the Nutanix cluster and/or remove node / block from Nutanix cluster – in this case you have to reclaim / unlicense the cluster to re-use the same licenses again.

Nutanix Licensing management provides – claim, reclaim, Unlicense, Remove, add-ons licenses feature from the Nutanix Cluster / Nutanix node / block through Prism Element / Prism Central cluster and Reuse available licenses that have not expired to your account that is reclaim all licenses.

after removing / unlicensing Nutanix node / Nutanix cluster – it reverts to the default Starter license without any impact on production and Nutanix features does not stop workinig – even when Nutanix Pro / Ultimate license is not available any more.

So, it is always recommended to you must remove / unlicense your Nutanix node / Nutanix cluster when you plan to destroy or remove Nutanix node / Nutanix cluster.

First of all remove / unlicense the Nutanix node / Nutanix cluster as described below – then destroy the Nutanix cluster.

Nutanix License Removal

Nutanix License Reclaim / Removal

To remove / un-license / reclaim the Nutanix License of Nutanix Cluster / Nutanix Node(s) or Nutanix Add-on license – go through the following steps:

Prerequisites to remove / reclaim / unlicense the Nutanix License :

  1. Log in to Nutanix Prism web console
  2. Log in to Nutanix support portal
  3. Generate Nutanix cluster license summary file
  4. Get Nutanix License key file (Generates from Nutanix support portal)

Step 1: Log in to Nutanix Prism

To reclaim / remove / unlicnese the Nutanix Node / Nutanix cluster go the through following steps :

  • Log in to Prism web console > Gear icon * > Licensing > Update License button.
  • Following page will open:
Nutanix License activation steps

Follow screenshot’s 3 steps to remove the License

Step 1 : Click on Generate button to download a Nutanix cluster summary file

Step 2: Login to Nutanix Portal

Step 2 : Log in to Nutanix Support Portal and upload Nutanix cluster summary downloaded file in “Step 1”

  • Click on “Support Portal” Launch button.
Nutanix Portal account page
Nutanix Portal account page
  • Now click on Main Menu > Products > Licenses > Cluster uses > click on Manage License button !
  • Click on Manage Licenses button will open new page to upload Nutanix Cluster summary file here.

How to Upload Nutanix Cluster Summary file here:

  1. Click on Upload (upload cluster summary file downloaded in step 1)
  2. Select your License type you want to remove / reclaim / un-license
  3. Generate new Nutanix License Key file and Download it

Step 3 : Downloaded Nutanix License Key file in above step,Now go to Nutanix Prism again and now click on Upload link (as screenshot Step 3) to upload Nutanix License Key file.

If you get any issue or error in licensing create a case with nutanix immediately.

Hopefully, Now you have removed/ reclaim / unlicensed the Nutanix node(s) / Nutanix cluster successfully.

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