Nutanix Witness VM and Purpose ?

What is Nutanix Witness VM ? What is the purpose / benefits of using Nutanix Witness VM in Nutanix cluster ?

Nutanix CMDlet Powershell Commands Cheat sheet

Nutanix Powershell CMDlet Reference Commands script Cheat Sheet list with example to manage Nutanix cluster running on any AHV , ESXi, Hyper-v hypervisor [..] Read more

Nutanix Metro Availability Troubleshooting

Nutanix Disaster Recovery Metro Availability issues, errors troubleshooting tips and tricks with step by step resolution [..] Read more

Top 10 Nutanix Useful Commands

Nutanix cluster AHV / CVM top 10 useful commands [..] Read more

What is Nutanix Webhook Explained

What is Nutanix webhook explain with code example ? how to create / update / delete / Nutanix webhook [..] Read more

Shutdown / Start Nutanix vSphere Cluster – Best Practice

Manually shutdown / stop / start the Nutanix vSphere cluster / ESXi host / ESXi node with Best practice [..] Read more

Nutanix Prism Supports Top 5 Web Browsers

Nutanix Prism Supports top 5 Web browsers with HTML5 featured Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 or Microsoft Edge to browse / access the Nutanix Prism console [..] Read more

What is Nutanix NCC Health Check ?

What is Nutanix NCC - Nutanix Cluster Check, how to download, upgrade the Nutanix NCC software version framework of scripts that can help diagnose cluster health [..] Read more..

Nutanix Flow – Cluster network and I/O latency spikes Issue Fixed

Nutanix has released Nutanix Field Advisory #72 regarding Nutanix flow issue known as: Cluster network and I/O latency spikes may occur when the Flow feature is enabled [..] Read more

VMKernel Port: Default Stack Vs vMotion TCP/IP Stack

VMware vSphere ESXi VMKernel Port settings options: Default Stack Vs dedicated vMotion TCP/IP Stack Vs Provisioning Stack, which one you need to choose ? [..] Read more..

VMware EVC Mode Enabling Error in Nutanix vSphere Cluster

Getting VMware EVC: Enhanced vMotion Compatibility mode enabling compatibility error in Nutanix vSphere cluster [..] Read more

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