VMware vSphere 7.0 What’s New ?

What's new in VMware vSphere 7.0, VMware ESXi 7.0 / vCenter Server 7.0, Release date. Release note, beta version, download Read more.. [..]

Nutanix Witness VM and Purpose ?

What is Nutanix Witness VM ? What is the purpose / benefits of using Nutanix Witness VM in Nutanix cluster ?

Does Nutanix Support z/VM , z/OS ?

Does Nutanix Platform supported hypervisor AHV, ESXi , Hyper-V support IBM mainframe z/VM, z/OS ?

Nutanix Prism Central Backup ?

How to take Nutanix Prism Central PC-VM Backup and/or Is it possible to take Nutanix Prism Central PC-VM backup / protection plan to protect the Nutanix Prism Central ?

Nutanix CMDlet Powershell Commands Cheat sheet

Nutanix Powershell CMDlet Reference Commands script Cheat Sheet list with example to manage Nutanix cluster running on any AHV , ESXi, Hyper-v hypervisor [..] Read more

Nutanix Metro Availability Troubleshooting

Nutanix Disaster Recovery Metro Availability issues, errors troubleshooting tips and tricks with step by step resolution [..] Read more

What is Nutanix HCI ?

What is Nutanix HCI, What are the benefits , advantages of Nutanix HCI ? [..] Read more

Google Chrome Version 82 Highlights

Latest Google Chrome version 82 release date is April 2020. Lets explore what's new, release note, advantages and disadvantage of Chrome chrome version 82 [..] Read more

Download Latest Nutanix Virtio Driver For Windows OS

Download Nutanix latest virtio drivers for Windows 32 bit / 64 bit operating systems - Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016 and 2019 [..] Read more

Download Latest Nutanix AHV, AOS Here

Free Download latest Nutanix AHV, Nutanix AOS software bundle here.

Nutanix AOS Version History

Nutanix AOS software old and latest Versions History with release date is here.

How to Kill Nutanix Stuck, Hung Task via Command

How to kill running / stuck / hung / task in Nutanix Prism via command line interface CLI. And which command is more useful among Nutanix commands: ecli task.list command, acli task.list command or progress_monitor_cli command [..] Read more

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