Nutanix AOS End of Life Date 2020

Nutanix AOS Versions History

Nutanix has recently released Nutanix AOS version End of Life ( EOL ) schedule date with End of Maintenance ( EOM ) and End of Support Life ( EOSL ) bulletin for 2020 and 2021. Read more: Nutanix End of Life Terms

Nutanix AOS End Of Life Schedule

Nutanix AOS versions are going to be End of Life ( EOL), End of Maintenance ( EOM ) and End of Support Life ( EOSL ) in 2020 as mentioned following table.

AOS versionGA DateEnd of MaintenanceEnd Of Support Life
5.17.ZMay 2020Aug 2020Nov 2020
5.16.ZJan 2020May 2020Aug 2020
5.15.Z LTS
( Recommended )
Mar 2020Long Term Support ( 2021 – 2022 )Long Term Support ( 2021 – 2022 )
5.11.ZAug 2019Jan 2020Apr 2020
5.10.Z LTS
( Recommended )
Nov 2108Jun 2020Apr 2021
5.9.ZOct 2018Jan 2019Apr 2019
5.8.ZJul 2018Oct 2018Jan 2019
5.6.ZApr 2018Jul 2018Oct 2018
5.5.Z LTSDec 2017Oct 2019Sep 2020
5.1.ZApr 2017Mar 2018Dec 2018
5.0.ZJan 2017Jan 2018Oct 2018
4.7.ZJun 2016Jan 2018Jan 2019


If you are confused on which version need to upgrade. No worry HyperHCI team could suggest you the best upgrade AOS version.

option 1 : If you are running AOS version older or equal 5.10.Z then you should upgrade to latest AOS 5.10.Z LTS version.

Option 2: If you are running AOS version between 5.11.Z to 5.15.Z then you should upgrade to latest AOS 5.15.Z LTS version.

Download – Download Nutanix AOS version

Nutanix AOS Upgrade Path

Before to upgrade any Nutanix AOS version please check the Nutanix AOS upgrade path compatibility.

Check Nutanix AOS Compatibility through this link – Nutanix AOS Upgrade path Comparability

Nutanix AOS Upgrade Path Compatability

After upgrading the Nutanix AOS version to latest recommended version then you have to upgrade the AHV version as well.

Note: Nutanix AHV version is bundled in AOS package. as you completed the Nutanix AOS upgrade after few minutes you will receive pop-up in Prism to upgrade the Nutanix AHV compatible version as well.

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