Latest Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Best Recipe – Nutanix HCI

Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Appliance Series Best Recipe for Nutanix HCI Platform compatible version with Nutanix AHV, VMware ESXi, AOS, Foundation, firmware: XCC, UEFI BIOS, LXPM, Networking, Storage, SAS / SATA, HDDs, SSDs etc. to upgrade / downgrade the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX hardware firmware and/or Nutanix Software [..] Read more..

Fujitsu XF Appliance Certified to Run Nutanix Software

Fujitsu and Nutanix OEM is now in partnership. Fujitsu XF appliance is certified with Nutanix to run Nutanix cloud ready software i.e AOS, AHV and VMware Esxi [..] Read more

HPE DX Appliance Certified to run Nutanix OS Software

HPE has designed new Hyper converged HCI HPE DX server Appliance with Nutanix supported cloud OS software AOS , AHV Hypervisor along with add-on feature with technical support as well.

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