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Nutanix NCC is abbreviation of Nutanix Cluster Check ( NCC ), Nutanix NCC is the copyright script / software bundle to diagnose the Nutanix HCI cluster, Services, software and hardware – Nutanix Node‘s health. Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) is a framework of scripts that can help diagnose cluster health.

Nutanix NCC software can download from Nutanix portal, NCC can be run provided that the individual nodes are up, regardless of cluster state. The Nutanix NCC scripts run standard commands against the cluster or the nodes, depending on the type of information being retrieved. what is Nutanix Insights Pulse Feature ?

Nutanix Cluster Check – Nutanix NCC assists in identifying configurations qualified and recommended by Nutanix.

When Nutanix NCC runs from the Controller VM command line, Nutanix NCC generates a log file with the output of the diagnostic commands selected by the user. Nutanix NCC actions are grouped into plugins and modules.

  • Plugins are objects that run the diagnostic commands.
  • Modules are logical groups of plugins that can be run as a set.

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Nutanix NCC Diagnose Output

Each Nutanix NCC ( Nutanix Cluster Check ) plugin is a test that completes independently of other plugins. Each test completes with one of these status types. The status might also displays a link to a Nutanix Support Portal Knowledge Base article with more details about the check, or information to help you resolve issues Nutanix NCC ( Nutanix Cluster Check ) finds.

PASS : The tested aspect of the cluster is healthy and no further action is required.

FAIL : The tested aspect of the cluster is not healthy and must be addressed. This message requires an immediate action. If you do not take immediate action, the cluster might become unavailable or require intervention by Nutanix Support.

WARNING : The plugin returned an unexpected value that you must investigate. This message requires user intervention which you should resolve as soon as possible to help maintain Nutanix cluster services heath.

INFO : The plugin returned an expected value that however cannot be evaluated as PASS / FAIL. The plugin returns information about the tested cluster item. In some cases, the message might indicate a recommendation from Nutanix that you implement as soon as possible.

ERROR : The plugin failed to execute. This message represents an error with the check execution and not necessarily an error with the cluster entity. It states that the check cannot confirm a PASS / INFO / WARNING / FAIL status.

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Run Nutanix NCC Health Checks

In addition to running all health checks, you can checks as follows:Run all or some checks from the Prism Web Console

Step 1: Browse Nutanix Prism web console > Health page > select Actions > Run Checks. Select All checks and click Run.

Run Nutanix NCC Checks
Run Nutanix NCC Checks

Upgrade Nutanix NCC Software

Its recommended to upgrade the Nutanix NCC frequently as new / latest version available to download. Lets explore the way to download and upgrade the Nutanix NCC software. Just follow the given steps:

Step 1: Log on to the Nutanix Prism web console for any node in the cluster and click the gear icon.

Step 2: Click Upgrade Software > click NCC in the dialog box. If an update is available, click Upgrade Available and then click Download When the download process is completed, click Upgrade, then click Yes to confirm.The Upgrade Software dialog box shows the progress of your selection.

Upgrade Nutanix NCC
Upgrade Nutanix NCC – Nutanix Cluster Check software

Note: As part of installation or upgrade, NCC automatically restarts the cluster health service on each node in the cluster, so you might observe notifications or other slight anomalies as the service is being restarted.

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Download Nutanix NCC Software

Nutanix customers can download the Nutanix NCC software from Nutanix portal also.

Download Nutanix NCC software latest version here Download Nutanix NCC software

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