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This is very common question asked on google, What is Nutanix Block, Nutanix Node ?. Nutanix is the first IT organization developed the Hyper-converged Infrastructure HCI solution to Hyper-combined the Compute, Storage and networking fits in the single box called “Nutanix Block” , “Nutanix Node”. Nutanix Block Vs Nutanix Node both are the physical server rackable unit in the rack. Lets explore the difference between the Nutanix Block Vs Nutanix Node.

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What is Nutanix Block

Nutanix Block is the physical server rackable unit ( also known as Nutanix chassis – in other vendors term ) that can be racked in the 1U or 2U rack space the consumption of Rack Units depends on the hardware model of Block / chassis. Nutanix Block front side contains the Storage panel to store the SSD / HDD to provide the hot swap-able functionality.

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Nutanix Block might contains one, two,thee or maximum four nodes in the single Nutanix Block. Nodes counts depends on the hardware chassis / Block model. read more

Nutanix Cluster provides in-built feature called Nutanix Availability Domain Provides Node, Block and Rack Awareness feature

You can visit the Nutanix hardware OEM platform specs to see the Nutanix Block models.

What is Nutanix Node

Nutanix Node is the single kind of Blade Server fits into the Nutanix Block and contains the Compute ( CPU and Memory ) where Nutanix Block contains the Storage ( SSD / HDD ) in front side. If Nutanix Hardware server has single Node so it would consider single Node OR single Block with single Node.

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In Below Picture: Nutanix single Block containing 4 Nutanix Nodes and 2 power supply units.

Nutanix Nodes Rear Side
Nutanix Nodes Rear Side

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Nutanix Block Vs Nutanix Node Demo Video

If you want to know more in detailed information you can watch this video will explain difference between Nutanix Block Vs Nutanix Node.

Nutanix Hardware dem


I hope, i was able to explained you what is difference between Nutanix Block Vs Nutanix Node.

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