Nutanix Two-nodes cluster Vulnerability

Nutanix two nodes cluster ( 2 nodes cluster ) having VM vulnerability in which stale metadata may result in VMs crashing and/or becoming unavailable. Nutanix two-nodes cluster having VM vulnerability. Nutanix two-nodes cluster AOS version affected are prior to 10.5.7 and 5.11.1

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Customers are advised to avoid all maintenance activities on a two-node clusters and upgrade to AOS 5.10.7 or AOS 5.11.1 (once available), which contains the fix for this issue.Note: Two-node clusters which are running AOS 5.10.6 MUST use the manual upgrade procedure in KB-8134 which requires User VMs to be gracefully shutdown and the cluster to be stopped.

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Nutanix two-nodes vulnerability has fixed in following Nutanix AOS versions.

Vulnerable version Vulnerability Fixed In AOS version
Prior AOS version 5.10.7AOS 5.10.7
Prior AOS version 5.11.1 AOS 5.11.1

Information on Nutanix AOS Long Term Support (LTS) or Short Term Support (STS) releases.

Source: Nutanix Field Advisory number #70

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