What is Nutanix Acropolis AOS ?

nutanix acropolis aos

What is Nutanix Acropolis operating System AOS ?

Today i will share detailed information about Nuatnix AOS , architecture and features in Nutanix Acropolis cluster.

Nutanix Acropolis is an Operating System also known as Acropolis Operating System (AOS) is the extraordinary artificial intelligence core hardened operating system, which runs top of the supported hypervisor Nutanix native Acropolis hypervisor (AHV), other vendors hypervisor i.e VMware vsphere ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-v to create Nutanix Acropolis cluster to control and virtualize node’s storage as storage pool, Container and volumes using Directpath I/O PCI pass through mechanism.

Nutanix Acropolis: AOS installed as Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) top of the support hypervisor to manage anything to everything in nutanix cluster.

Nutanix Acropolis provides data services and can be broken down into three foundational components: the Distributed Storage Fabric (DSF), the App Mobility Fabric (AMF), and AHV Hypervisor.

Prism furnishes one-click infrastructure management for virtual environments running on Acropolis. Acropolis is hypervisor agnostic, supporting three third-party hypervisors—ESXi,Hyper-V, and Citrix Hypervisor—in addition to the native Nutanix hypervisor, AHV

AOS is the base operating system, the so-called “data plane” that packages (encapsulates) the run time of storage, compute, security, and network. Compare that to Prism and Calm, which are the “control plane” pieces of Nutanix. AOS stands for Acropolis Operating System.NOS is the old name of AOS. AOS includes AHV as part of its payload.
Source : https://www.quora.com/What-is-AHV-AOS-and-NOS-in-Nutanix

By Dheeraj pandey, Nutanix CEO

Nutanix Acropolis Architecture

Nutanix Acropolis AOS Architecture
Nutanix Acropolis AOS Architecture

Nutainx Acropolis ( AOS ) does not rely on traditional SAN or NAS storage or expensive storage network interconnects. It combines highly dense storage and server compute (CPU and RAM) into a single platform building block. Each building block delivers a unified, scale-out, shared-nothing architecture with no single points of failure.

The Nutanix solution requires no SAN constructs, such as LUNs, RAID groups, or expensive storage switches. All storage management is VM-centric, and I/O is optimized at the VM virtual disk level. The software solution runs on nodes from a variety of manufacturers that are either all-flash for optimal performance, or a hybrid combination of SSD and HDD that provides a combination of performance and additional capacity.

The DSF automatically tiers data across the cluster to different classes of storage devices using intelligent data placement algorithms. For best performance, algorithms make sure the most frequently used data is available in memory orin flash on the node local to the VM.

Nutanix Acropolis Operating System (AOS) made the nutanix hyper-converged technology leader.

Nutanix AOS Features Overview Video

Nutanix Acropolis (AOS) Overview


Nutanix Acropolis AOS is an operating system for the Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure platform contains a number of data services and features for data protection, space efficiency, salability, automated data tiering and security in single bundle included Nutanix native hypervisor Nutanix AHV.

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