How To Shutdown And Start Nutanix AHV Cluster

If you want to shutdown Nutanix AHV cluster for periodic maintenance or hardware relocation or any down time etc. You need to follow the predefined Nutanix cluster shutdown procedure.

This is very rare activity to shutdown or power off the Nutanix Acropolis AHV cluster in production environment.

If need to do some maintenance activity on specific Nutanix Controller-VM CVM / AHV host / node then you have option to put your nutanix CVM / AHV into maintenance mode to do maintenance activity.

Lets do this practically using Nutanix Prism Web console and Command line interface (CLI)

Step 1: Log in to Nutanix Prism in web browser

Note : Check Nutanix AHV cluster “Data Resiliency” status it must be “OK” if NOT, please wait until it turns “OK” Nutanix has auto healing system.

If does not turn “OK”, Please Log a case with nutanix or hardware vendor support.

Step 2: Precheck the Nutanix cluster health from Prism web console

Option 2.1. Go to the Menu > Health > Action> Run NCC checks > All Checks (*) > Run

Nutanix Run Health check

Optional 2.2 you can also run Nutanix cluster heal check from Command line interface (CLI)

Through SSH (Using Putty/Linux terminal) to any CVM (Controller VM) of Nutanix AHV cluster and run following command and Wait until run successfully

cvm$ ncc health_checks run_all

If something is alarming critical alert then Contact to nutanix or hardware vendor support if everything is fine go ahead to step 3.

Step 3 : Shutdown all guest VMs except Controller VM – CVM

To shutdown Nutnanix Guest VMs has two options

Option 1 : From Nutanix Prism Web console

Power off guest VMs from Prism

Option 2 From acli – command line interface (CLI)

Just login to any CVM (Controller VM) through SSH of Nutanix AHV cluster and run following command

CVM$ acli vm.shutdown *   |For soft shutdown|
cvm$ acli *        |For hard shutdown|

Note : “*” for all guest VMs will shutdown except CVM

Now exit from acli command interface and proceed to run next command

Step 4: Stop / shutdown Nutanix AHV cluster through following command

CVM$ cluster stop

Command will prompt confirmation type “YES” to proceed to shutdown cluster. It will take up to 1 minute.

Step 5: Now shutdown controller VM – CVM

Log in to each CVM (Controller VM) one by one of Nutanix AHV cluster and run following command:

cvm$ cvm_shutdown
cvm$ cvm_shutdown -P now

Note: Always use the cvm_shutdown command to power off, reset, or shutdown the Controller VM. The cvm_shutdown command notifies the cluster that the Controller VM is unavailable.

Note : After all CVM goes shutdown go ahead for step 6

Step 6: Now shutdown AHV node, one by one through IPMI or SSH

There is two option to shutdown the Nutanix AHV host

Option 1 From IPMI web interface

Browse IPMI IP address in chrome / Firefox / Opera / Safari / IE etc.

Go to Remote control > Power control > Power Off Server - Orderly Shutdown

Option 2 From Command line

SSH to each AVH host one by one of Nutanix AHV cluster and run following command:

host# init 0       |Note: 0 (Numeric zero)|

Confirmation : To check AHV power on/off status just ping the AHV host IP address or on AHV host IPMI home page power status

Power on the Nutanix AHV nodes and cluster after a shutdown

Step 1: Power on physically hosts/nodes

Option 1.1. We can power on the Nutanix AHV nodes / host physically press the power button in front of the node

Option 1.2. We can power on the Nutanix AHV nodes to browser IPMI interface to power it on

Before the start the nutanix AHV cluster need to wait 10-15 minute to boot up the all servers ( included AHV host and CVM) and ping all AHV host and CVMs.

Note : CVM boots automatically after AHV hosts booted successfully.

Step 2: SSH in to any CVM start cluster by issuing following command

cvm$ cluster start

To check cluster services are running issue following command

cvm$ cluster status

Step 3: Now do power on all guest VMs from Prism or command line

Option 3.1 Open Prism > Home > VM > select VM > click on “Power on”

Nutanix Guest VMs power on
Guest VMs power on

Option 3.2 From CLI
SSH in to any CVM to power on all guest VMs by issuing following single command:

cvm$ acli vm.on *

Step 4: Log in to Prism > VM menu > VM table
Check your all VMs should be power on.

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To shutdown or power off the Nutanix Acropolis AHV cluster has best practice to shutdown the Nutanix cluster.

#Enjoy Nutanix with HyperHCI 🙂

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