Nutanix CMDlet Powershell Commands Cheat sheet

Nutanix CMDlet Powershell

Do you know, you can interact with Nutanix cluster ( AHV , ESXi, Hyper-v ) via many interfaces i.e Prism web console, HTML5 UI, REST API, nCLI and Powershell CMDlets or Command-lets. Nutanix CMDlets Refference also known as Command-lets is very useful and powerful tool for Windows platform lover.

Nutanix provides PowerShell cmdlets for ( AHV , ESXi, Hyper-v ) to interacting with a Nutanix cluster. Through Nutanix CMDlets / Commandlets you can perform / execute almost any task that one you can do from any other interfaces.

Nutanix developed CMDlets based commands bundle that can be run directly on Microsoft Windows platform and easily integrated with Windows PowerShell.

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Nutanix CMDlets Commands

Nutanix has developed Nutanix cluster based commands list bundled in CMDlets light weight executable package that will be directly integrated with Windows PowerShell.

The Nutanix CMDlets can be downloaded from a Nutanix Cluster using Prism Web console and install it on a Windows OS. Nutanix Cmdlets desktop shortcut launches a PowerShell window with the Nutanix cmdlets loaded.

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Nutanix Powershell CMDlet Example

I’m going to show Nutanix Powershell CMDlet commands tutorial with example to execute any task on Nutanix cluster.

Nutanix Powershell CMDlet command example:

Connect to Nutanix cluster

powershell> Connect-NutanixCluster  -Server <Type_cluster_ip_address>  -UserName <Type_UserName>   -Password <Type_Password>
Connect-NutanixCluster -Server -UserName admin -Password P@ssword

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Execute Powershell CMDlet command on connected Nutanix Cluster


Powershell> AnyCMDLetCommand <Parameter Name> <Valid Value>
Example 1:  powershell> Get-NutanixCluster
Example 2: Powershell> Add-NTNXAuthType InputList [ LOCAL | DIRECTORY_SERVICE ]

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Nutanix CMDlets Common Commands

Nutanix common CMDlets / Commandlets commands to connect and disconnect to/from Nutanix cluster.

Nutanix CMDlets Common commands list is here:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Connect-NTNXClusterConnect to Nutanix acropolis cluster
Disconnect-NTNXClusterDisconnect from Nutanix acropolis cluster
Get-NTNXCmdletioninfoGet Nutanix cluster info
Disconnect-NutanixClusterDisconnect from Nutanix acropolis cluster
Get-NutanixClusterGet Nutanix cluster info
Get-NutanixCmdletsinfoGet Nutanix cluster info with CMDlets info
Nutanix CMDlets Common Commands list to connect / disconnect to/from Nutanix cluster

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Nutanix Host Administration CMDlets Commands

Nutanix host administration CMDlets commands to put and exist Nutanix host to/from maintenance mode.

Nutanix host administration command list is here:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Start-NTNXMaintenanceModePut Nutanix Host in Maintenance Mode
Stop-NTNXMaintenanceModeEvacutate Nutanix Host in Maintenance Mode
Nutanix Host Maintenance Mode CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix Host Network Administration CMDlets Commands

You can do network administration i.e create, remove, delete virtual network through CMDlets commands.

Nutanix host administration Nutanix CMDlets command list is here:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Get-NTNXNetworkGet Nutanix Cluster Network Information
New-NTNXNetworkCreate New Virtual Network
Remove-NTNXNetworkRemove Virtual Network
Set-NTNXNetworkSet Virtual Network Configuration
Get-NTNXNetworkAddressTableGet Nutanix Cluster Network Address Table
Reserve-NTNXNetworkIPReserve Nutanix IP Address For VMs
UnReserve-NTNXNetworkIPUnReserve Nutanix IP Address For VMs
Nutanix cluster Network CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix Snapshot Administration CMDlets Commands

you can take and manage Nutanix hosted VMs snapshots related tasks i.e VM’s cloning, take and delete snapshot through Nutanix CMDlets commands.

Nutanix Snapshots administration Nutanix CMDlets commands are here:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Clone-NTNXSnapshotCreate VM Clone From Snapshot
Get-NTNXSnapshotGet VMs Snapshots List
New-NTNXSnapshotTake New Snapshot
Remove-NTNXSnapshotRemove Snapshot
Nutanix Snapshot Administration CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix Task Administration CMdlets Commands

You can execute major daily routine common task(s) i.e task status, vDisk, vNIC, VM power-off, power-on, VM cloning, create , delete VM etc. through Nutanix CMDlets commands.

Nutanix task administration Nutanix CMDlets commands list is here.

Nutanix cluster Task status Nutanix CMDlets commands are:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Get-NTNXTaskGet Task List
Poll-NTNXTaskTask Pool List
Nutanix Task CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix cluster VM’s vDisk task related Nutanix CMDlets commands are:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Add-NTNXVMDiskAdd vDisk in VM
Get-NTNXVMDiskGet vDisk List of VM
Remove-NTNXVMDiskRemove vDisk from VMs
Set-NTNXVMDiskSet VM’s vDisk
Stop-NTNXVMMoveStop Moving vDisk
Nutanix vDisk CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix cluster VM’s vNIC task related Nutanix CMDlets command are:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Get-NTNXVMNICGet vNIC Details of VM
Remove-NTNXVMNICRemove vNIC from VM
Nutanix vNIC CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix cluster VM’s power related task Nutanix CMDlets command are:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Set-NTNXVMPowerOffPower-off VM
Set-NTNXVMPowerOnPower-on VM
Set-NTNXVMPowerStateSet Power State Option
Nutanix VM Power related CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix cluster VMs related task Nutanix CMDlets commands are:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Get-NTNXVMSnapshotGet VMs Snapshots List
Clone-NTNXVirtualMachineClone VM
Get-NTNXVirtualMachineGet VMs List
Move-NTNXVirtualMachineMove VM between Hosts
New-NTNXVirtualMachineCreate New VM
Remove-NTNXVirtualMachineDelete VM
Restore-NTNXVirtualMachineRestore VM from Snapshot
Set-NTNXVirtualMachineSet VM configuration
Nutanix VM’s Creation , Deletion CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix cluster Alerts CMDlets Commands

You can manage Nutanix cluster alerts i.e get alert status, acknowledge, resolve it.

Nutanix cluster alerts related task Nutanix CMDlets commands are:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Acknowledge-NTNXAlertAcknowledged Nutanix Cluster Alerts
Get-NTNXAlertGet Nutanix Cluster Alerts
Resolve-NTNXAlertResolve Nutanix Cluster Alerts
Get-NTNXAlertConfigurationGet Nutanix Cluster Alerts Configuration
Set-NTNXAlertConfigurationSet Nutanix Cluster Alerts Configuration
Get-NTNXAlertMetadataGet Nutanix Cluster Alerts Metadata
Set-NTNXAlertMetadataSet Nutanix Cluster Alerts Metadata
Acknowledge-NTNXAlertsAcknowledge Nutanix Cluster Alerts
Resolve-NTNXAlertsResolve Nutanix Cluster Alerts
Get-NTNXHardwareAlertGet Nutanix Host Hardware Related  Alerts
Get-NTNXStorageAlertGet Nutanix Cluster Storage Alerts
Nutanix Clsuter Alerts Related CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix Authentication Administration CMDlets Commands

you can manage Nutanix authentication configuration i.e get, add, remove LDAP, active directory authentication through Nutanix CMDlets commands.

Nutanix cluster authentication administration CMDlets command are:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Get-NTNXAuthConfigGet Nutanix Cluster Authentication Details
Remove-NTNXAuthConfigRemove Nutanix Cluster Authentication Details
Update-NTNXAuthConfigUpdate Nutanix Cluster Authentication Details
Add-NTNXAuthConfigDirectoryAdd Nutanix Cluster AD Authentication
Get-NTNXAuthConfigDirectoryGet Nutanix Cluster AD Authentication
Remove-NTNXAuthConfigDirectoryRemove Nutanix Cluster AD Authentication
Set-NTNXAuthConfigDirectorySet Nutanix Cluster AD Authentication
Add-NTNCAuthTypeAdd Nutanix Cluster Authentication Type
Get-NTNCAuthTypeGet Nutanix Cluster Authentication Type
Remove-NTNCAuthTypeRemove Nutanix Cluster Authentication Type
Set-NTNCAuthTypeSet Nutanix Cluster Authentication Details
Get-NTNXClientAuthStateGet Nutanix Cluster AD Aliententication
Set-NTNXClientAuthStateSet Nutanix Cluster AD Aliententication
Test-NTNXLDAPConnectionTest Nutanix Cluster LDAP Connection
Nutanix Cluster Authentication CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix Backup & Administration CMDlets Commands

You can manage Nutanix cluster backup, Protection domain and DC – DR replication related task through CMDlets comannds.

Nutanix cluster DC – DR Backup and replication CMDlets commands are:

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand Description
Clear-NTNXCronScheduleClear Nutanix Cluster Cron Schedule
Restore-NTNXEntityRestore Nutanix Entity
Add-NTNXOutOfBandScheduleAdd Nutanix Out of band Schedule
Get-NTNXOutOfBandScheduleGet Nutanix Out of band Schedule
Remove-NTNXOutOfBandScheduleRemove Nutanix TNXOut of band Schedule
Add-NTNXProtectioinDomainAdd Nutanix Protectioin Domain
Get-NTNXProtectioinDomainGet Nutanix Protectioin Domain
Migrate-NTNXProtectioinDomainMigrate Nutanix Protectioin Domain
Rollback-NTNXProtectioinDomainRollback Nutanix Protectioin Domain
Mark-NTNXProtectionDomainActiveMark Nutanix Cluster Protectioin Domain Active
Get-NTNXProtectionDomainAlertGet Nutanix Cluster Protection Domain Alet
Get-NTNXProtectionDomainConsistencyGroupGet Protection domain consistency Group
Add-NTNXProtectionDomainCronScheduleAdd  Protection domain cron Schedule
Get-NTNXProtectionDomainCronScheduleGet Protection domain cron Schedule
Remove-NTNXProtectionDomainCronScheduleRemove Protectionanix Protection domain cron Schedule
Replace-NTNXProtectionDomainCronScheduleReplace NTNXProtection domain cron Schedule
Get-NTNXProtectionDomainEventGet Nutanix Cluster Protection Domain Event
Mark-NTNXProtectionDomainForRemovalMark Nutnaix Protection domain for Removal
Get-NTNXProtectionDomainHealthCheckSummaryGet Nutanix Protectioin Domain Health Checks Summary
Mark-NTNXProtectionDomainactiveMark Nutanix  Protection Domainactive
Get-NTNXProtectionDomainPendingReplicationGetNutanix Protection domain pending Replication
Abort-NTNXProtectionDomainReplicationAbort Nutanix Protection Domain Replication
Get-NTNXProtectionDomainReplicationGet Nutanix Protection Domain Replication
Set-NTNXProtectionDomainReplicationSet Nutanix Protection Domain Replication
Clear-NTNXProtectionDomainRetentionPolicyClear Nutnaix Protection domain retention Policy
Set-NTNXProtectionDomainRetentionPolicySet Nutanix Protection domain retention Policy
Get-NTNXProtectionDomainSnapshotGet Nutanix Protection Domain Snapshot
Remove-NTNXProtectionDomainSnapshotRemove Nutanix Protection Domain Snapshot
Set-NTNXProtectionDomainSnapshotSet Nutanix Protection Domain Snapshot
Get-NTNXProtectionDomainStatGet Nutanix Protection Domain Stat
Get-NTNXProtectionDomainStatusGet Nutanix Protection Domain Status
Promote-NTNXProtectionDomainStretchClusterPromote Nutanix Protection domain stretch Cluster
Start-NTNXProtectionDomainStretchClusterStart Nrotectionanix NXProtection domain stretch Cluster
Stop-NTNXProtectionDomainStretchClusterStop Nutnaix Protection domain stretch Cluster
Update-NTNXProtectionDomainStretchClusterTimeoutUpdate Nutanix Cluster Domain Stretch Cluster Timeout
Add-NTNXProtectionDomainVMAdd Nutanix cluster VM in Protection Domain
Remove-NTNXProtectionDomainVMRemove Nutanix cluster VM from Protection Domain
Get-NTNXUnprotectedVMGet Nutanix Unprotected VM
Nutanix Backup & Administration CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix Cluster Quick Configuration CMDlets Commands

You can do quick basic configuration i.e add, remove, NTP, DNS, SMTP, Domain joining etc.

Nutanix CMDLets CommandsCommand
Set-NTNXClusterJoiningToDomainJoin Nuttanix cluster to Domain
Get-NTNXClusterStatGet Nutanix Cluster status
Send-NTNXEmailUsingSmtpServerSend E-mail Via SMTP Service
Add-NTNXNameServerAdd Nutanix Cluster Name
Get-NTNXNameServerGet Nutanix Cluster Name
Remove-NTNXNameServerRemove Nutanix Cluster Name
Get-NTNXNfsSubnetWhiteListGet NFS Container While List
Add-NTNXNfsSubnetWhiteListAdd NFS Container While List
Remove-NTNXNfsSubnetWhiteListRemove NFS Container While List
Add-NTNXNtpServerAdd NTP Server
Get-NTNXNtpServerGet NTP Server
Remove-NTNXNtpServerRemove NTP Server
Add-NTNXPublicKeyAdd SSH Public Key
Get-NTNXPublicKeyGet SSH Public Key
Remove-NTNXPublicKeyRemove SSH Public Key
Get-NTNXRackableUnitGet Rackable Domain Unit
Remove-NTNXRackableUnitRemove Rackable Domain Unit
Get-NTNXRemoteSupportSettingGet Remote Cluster Setting
Set-NTNXRemoteSupportSettingSet Remote Cluster Setting
Get-NTNXSmtpServerGet SMTP Server Configuration
Remove-NTNXSmtpServerRemove SMTP Server Configuration
Set-NTNXSmtpServerSet SMTP Server Configuration
Get-NTNXSmtpServerSecurityModeTypeGet SMTP Server Secrity Configuration
Get-NTNXSpotlightSearchResultGet Nutanix cluster search result
Nutanix Cluster Quick Configuration CMDlets Commands

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Nutanix CMDlet is easier way to manage your cluster with command line without accessing Prism web console.

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