Google Nutanix Cloud Platform GNCP

We are hearing the buzz on Google search result. Is Google cloud acquire / buy / purchase / take over the Nutanix inc. in $9 Billion or more than it. Now a days Google and Nutanix both are in cloud technology and competing among the AWS, Azure, Red hat cloud in cloud hosting virtual market etc.

Possibly in future Google might be launched Google Nutanix Cloud Platform ( GNCP ) to replace the Google cloud platform ( GCP ) to acquire / buy / take over / merge with Nutanix inc. and will become No #1 cloud leader in future 2025 – 2030 as today cloud computing platform Amazon AWS is.

Google Cloud Platform – GCP ( Challenge )

Google is the search engine and smart phone Android OS earning leader and rank #1 till today but in cloud technology Google is not earning well. Google Cloud Platform ( GCP ) has lots of challenges to establish it at enterprise level and have to compete the Amazon AWS and Azure cloud platform both are already far away than Google cloud platform ( GCP ).

Google cloud platform ( GCP ) has following challenges to competing the Amazon and Microsoft Azure.

Complex Infrastructure – Google is also known the technology leader in Search engine database, collect the personal and private data of users from searching engine history, smartphones personal data etc. but in cloud computing Google left behind the other cloud computing competitors because Google does not have evolved the simple infrastructure for cloud computing.

Hackers Target – Google is the first choice of hacker to hack the Google websites, Search engine, Smartphones even cloud computing platform to hack the companies hosted data on Google cloud platform GCP.

Vulnerability Surface – Google cloud platform GCP is build on complex infrastructure and need to regular more enhancements to protect the hosted companies data, after releasing the new features, updates etc.

Vendor Lock-in – Google cloud platform GCP is not flexible even others are, if you are Google cloud platform user it means your are locked-in and have less flexibility to move your hosted data to other cloud platform.

Costing Factor – Google cloud platform GCP charge more cost to users on computer , storage , Geo-location selection , DR services etc. that make the Google cloud platform more costy.

Management Console – Google cloud platform GCP management web console is more user friendly as Amazon AWS , Azure and Nutanix Prism is. User need more time to learn the Google cloud platform GCP management web console.

above points are the challenges of Google cloud platform.

Google Nutanix Cloud Platform – GNCP ( Advantages )

Google cloud is take over / buy / acquire the Nutanix inc. trending on internet and technology geeks are very curious to know. If really Google acquire / buy/ take over the Nutanix HCI – cloud enabled platform.

There is huge possibility for Google become No. #1 in cloud computing to acquire / buy / take over the Nutanix inc. ownership because Nutanix is the world leader in Hyper-converged Infrastructure HCI and integrated the enterprise cloud technology.

Nutanix enterprise cloud technology has the capability to give the major benefits to up scale the Google clouding computing to next level.

There is huge possibility that Google will replace the Google cloud Platform ( GCP ) with Google Nutanix Cloud Platform ( GNCP ) to win the trust of enterprise customer existing and newbie Nutanix and Google customers.

Nutanix Distributed Architecture – Nutanix solution is a converged storage + compute solution which leverages local components and creates a distributed platform for running workloads.

Each node runs an industry-standard hypervisor (ESXi, AHV, Hyper-V and the Nutanix Controller VM (CVM).  The Nutanix CVM is what runs the Nutanix software and serves all of the I/O operations for the hypervisor and all VMs running on that host.

Data Locality – For Nutanix  Storage I/O and data locality are critical to cluster and VM performance. All read/write IOs are served by the local Controller VM (CVM) which is on each hypervisor adjacent to normal VMs.  A VM’s data is served locally from the CVM and sits on local disks under the CVM’s control. 

Incremental and linear scale out

Incremental and linear scale out relates to the ability to start with a certain set of resources and as needed scale them out while linearly increasing the performance of the system.  All of the constructs mentioned above are critical enablers in making this a reality. With a hyper-converged platform like Nutanix, when you scale out with new node(s) you’re scaling out:

  • The number of hypervisor / compute nodes
  • The number of storage controllers
  • The compute and storage performance / capacity
  • The number of nodes participating in cluster wide operations

Non- Disruptive Upgrade – In the ‘Nutanix Software Upgrade‘ and ‘Hypervisor Upgrade’ sections in the Book of Prism, we highlighted the steps used to perform an upgrade of AOS and hypervisor versions. This section will cover the techniques allowing us to perform different types of upgrades in a non-disruptive manner.

Prism Management Console – Nutanix prism the one-man-army kind of console to manage the entire Nutanix infra from single console and can perform one-click operations. A Prism service runs on every CVM with an elected Prism Leader which is responsible for handling HTTP requests.  Similar to other components which have a Master, if the Prism Leader fails, a new one will be elected.

Cluster Expansion – Google will have the most powerful feature to expansion of Nutanix cluster with no known limit. Nutanix HCI platform has built-in feature to add the nodes without any downtime or disruption.

To scale an Acropolis cluster, rack / stack / cable the nodes and power them on. Once the nodes are powered up they will be discoverable by the current cluster using mDNS.

Security – Security is a core part of the Nutanix platform and was kept in mind from day one. The Nutanix Security Development Lifecycle (SecDL) incorporates security into every step of the development process. The system ships secure from the factory, rather than being an afterthought requiring end-users to “harden” the platform included the IPMI security best practice.

Data Encryption – Nutanix provide software based built-in encryption feaure known as ‘Data-at-Rest Encryption’ to encrypt the Nutanix entire cluster data.


If Google and Nutanix comes together ( Google buy / acquire / take over / merge Nutanix ) in future will be become no. #1 leader of Cloud computing platform in future 2025 – 2030. Hopefully.

What do think about Google and Nutanix merging concept ? Please share your thought may help out to someone.

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