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Become a expert on Nutanix License Management it sounds good attitude in your mind and body language. Seriously you can be expert in Nutanix licensing management – Nutanix license activation, upgrade, re-claim licenses, re-active / re-install to Starter, Pro or Ultimate license in Nutanix cluster.

Nutanix License is very critical assets tied up with any product without license you might be in trouble 😉 But do not worry Nutanix comes with factory default Nutanix Acropolis / AOS STARTER license and you need to upgrade it to Nutanix Acropolis PRO or ULTIMATE or add-on Nutanix license.

If you are newbie Nutanix customer and want to install Nutanix acropolis / AOS license in hardware server assets i.e Nutanix NX, DellEMC XC, Lenovo HX and IBM CS, on fresh built Nutanix cluster.

First you need to register your hardware server assets on Nutanix Portal to fetch licenses.

Nutanix Licensing

Here is the useful process to install / re-claim the Nutanix Acropolis / AOS , Add-on license from Nutanix Portal.

Follow the steps to install / activate the Nutanix Acropolis / AOS license in Nutanix cluster.

  1. Register hardware server assets on nutanix support portal
  2. Install license on fresh built nutanix cluster
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Register on Nutanix Portal

Step 1: Visit Nutanix Portal and sign up / register yourself.

Nutanix Portal sign-up prerequisites are:

  1. Your Business / offical email id
  2. Business / official email account must working and accessible
  3. Nutanix/ Dell/ Lenovo/ IBM/ – Block / Server Serial Number.
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Step 2: Sign-up to Nutanix Portal -Read more: Nuanix Sign-up Step to Step guide

Now you have successfully signed up on Nutanix Portal.

Login to Nutanix Portal

Now you have to register Nutanix hardware to Nutanix Support Portal to follow following steps:

Step 1: Login to Nutanix Portal > Go to Home page > click on Support Portal option.

Nutanix Portal account page
Nutanix Portal account page

Step 2: Now It will ask your hardware server / Block serial number / tag number.

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After successfully registered hardware assets,

Note: Web-page will re-directed following Nutanix Support Portal Account Page

Nutanix Portal Home page

Nutanix Portal Home pag

Now hold on above web page and open Prism web console on another browser tab and follow following steps to activate Nutanix acropolis license.

Install Nutanix License

Now we will install Nutanix license in Nutanix cluster through following steps :

Prerequisites to activate Nutanix Acropolis license :

  1. Log in to Nutanix Prism web console
  2. Log in to Nutanix support portal
  3. Generate Nutanix Cluster License summary file (Generates from Prism web console)
  4. Nutanix License Key file (Generates from Nutanix support portal)

Lets activate / install the Nutanix license in Nutanix cluster through Nutanix Prism – just follow the following steps to do so.

  • Log in to Prism web console > Gear icon * > Licensing > Update License button.

Now following page will open :

Nutanix License activation steps

Now Follow above screenshot steps to install the Nutanix license

Step 1 : Click on Generate to download a cluster summary file

Step 2 : Log in to Nutanix Support Portal and upload cluster summary downloaded file in “Step 1”

Step 2.1 : After log in to Support portal , Click on Main Menu >
Products > Licenses > Cluster uses > click on Manage License button !

Step 2.2 : click on Manage Licenses button will open new page to upload file in following three steps :

  1. Click on Upload (upload cluster summary file downloaded in step 1)
  2. Select your purchased Acropolis license type Pro or Ultimate
  3. Generate new license file to download

Step 3 : Downloaded license file in step 2.2 , Access Prism web console again and now click on Upload link (Step 3) to upload license file.

If you get any issue or error in licensing create a case with nutanix immediately.

Hopefully, today you have learned, how to activate / install the Nutanix Acropolis and/or add-on license in Nutanix cluster.

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