Nutanix Portal – New User Registration

Nutanix Main Portal Page

Today, I will describe the process to register new users or sign-up on Nutanix Support Portal to get access of Nutanix products / software downloads, documents, new releases, software best practice documents, products release notes and to open Nutanix TAC support case.

This is very simple and 1 minute task to register or sign-up yourself on Nutanix Portal.

Nutanix Portal Benefits

There is lots of benefits / advantages to have Nutanix portal account. I would recommend to register yourself to leverage the Nutanix Portal benefits.

Lets explore the Nutanix Portal features and benefits here:

  • Support Portal Access : Nuanix Portal gives you Nutanix Support Portal access to open a Nutanix TAC support case, read KB articles, Best practice documents, Download software, Nutanix license mangement etc.
  • Next : Engage with Nutanix community via Blogs, Activities & Forums
  • Community Edition : You can download Nutanix Community Edition a.ka Nutanix CE gives you test drive to simulate the Nutanix HCI platfrom in your virtual lab, laptop and desktop etc. refer Build Nutanix Community Edition Home Lab

Nutanix Portal is one-man-army portal thats gives you everything, anything a single web console as Nutanix prism.

Nutanix Portal Registration / Sign-up Process

Follow these steps or process to register or sign-up yourself on Nutanix Support Portal.

Nutanix Portal Login page
  • Step 2 : Click to Sing up now link
  • Step 3 : Fill up the required fields and submit. You will receive email confirmation link to your sign-up registering email-id. Just click on that link to confirm it.

Password Requirement

Nutanix Portal Minimum Password length and complexity requirement that must contains:

  1. Characters must be minimum 8 to 30 maximum
  2. At least 1 lowercase letter i.e a to z
  3. At least 1 uppercase letter i.e A to Z
  4. At least 1 digit i.e 0 to 9
  5. A special character i.e !@#$%^&*()
Nutanix Support Portal Sign up form
  • Step 4 : Now login to Nutanix Portal again with your registered credentials – E-mail-id and password
  • Step 5 : After login- you will see following page, you just need to click on Support Portal to activate it
Nutanix Portal Welcome Maini Menu Page
  • Step 7 : After entered Nutanix Block Serial Number just to Activate. Then you will be re-directed to Nuanix Portal page as shown below:
Nutanix Main Portal Page

Now enjoy Nutanix Support Portal features like Open a Nutanix TAC support case online, Documents, Software downloads, License management and activation etc.


In Final words, I would suggest / recommend to register / sign-up yourself to get the benefits of Nutanix Portal.

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