Nutanix Frame Supported Browsers, Devices

Nutanix Xi frame supported Web Browsers and Devices

Nutanix Xi frame is the new era of virtual workspace technology developed to deliver the desktop as service (DaaS) of virtual apps, desktop without installing any client software to end-user device i.e desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Nutanix Xi frame is natively support HTML5 feature to access the Nutanix frame apps and desktop to deliver the virtual workspace experience to end-users.

Nutanix Frame Supported Web Browsers

Nutanix Xi frame supports top 5 web browsers to access the virtual workspace included apps and desktop without installing any plugin i.e java, flash player or client software plugin. Nutanix Xi frame works smoothly with HTML5 browser’s native feature.

Nutanix Xi frame supported top 5 web browsers list is here:

  1. Google Chrome : Supports minimum stable version 79 or later
  2. Firefox : Supports minimum stable version 71 or later
  3. Apple Safari : Supports minimum stable 13 or later
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer : Supports minimum stable version 11 or later
  5. Microsoft Edge : Supports minimum stable version 44 or later

Nutanix frame partially support for Microsoft IE 11 because Nutanix frame do not support printing or audio output for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Nutanix recommends to use latest version of above mentioned browsers, if in any case it is not possible to use latest one then prefer to use minimum supported version as mentioned above.

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Recommended Browser for best Performance

Nutanix Xi frame service offer best enterprise class performance at low cost. But Nutanix Xi frame service performance delivery may varies by web browsers because has it’s own programming code and performance statics.

Nutanix recommends to use following web browsers to achieve best performance and experience the beauty of Nutanix virtual workspace.

Following web browsers are recommended to get robust performance and experience while accessing the Nutanix Xi frame.

  1. Google chrome
  2. Firefox

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Nutanix Frame Network Ports

Nutanix Xi frame works on specific network port number and protocol to connect with Nutanix frame server running on frame workspace.

It’s recommended to make sure that following network port and protocol must be open on your firewall.

  1. Web socket to frame platform
  2. TLS connection on port number 443 to the frame platform

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Nutanix Frame Supported Devices

Nutanix Xi frame supports almost all popular devices we usually use in daily life.

Nutanix Xi frame supports following devices to access the Nutanix frame virtual workspace:

  • Windows based devices i.e desktop, laptop and tablet
  • Apple Macintosh (mac) based devices i.e desktop and laptop
  • iOS / Android devices i.e Smartphones and tablet
  • Linux based devices i.e desktop and laptop

Here is the complete list of Nutanix Xi frame supported devices, device types and features.

Device TypeWindows PC (HTML5)Mac (HTML5)iOS/Android (HTML5)Linux (HTML5)
Storage Device (PenDrive, USB Hard Disk)
Audio Out (Speakers, headsets)
Audio In (Microphone)
Standard Generic KeyboardN/A
Symbol HID Barcode ScannerN/A
Multi-touch ScreenN/A
Microsoft Surface PenN/AN/AN/A
CAC/Smart Card Readers (requires Frame App) *
WIA Printers (requires Frame App) *
Wacom Intuos Pen Touch Device *N/A

Hopefully, now you have the list of Nutanix Xi frame supported web browsers and devices.


Nutanix Xi frame is the enterprise class virtual workspace ( Virtual apps and desktop ) solution to provide the enterprise standard features, security and of-course Nutanix brand trust.

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