Top 10 Advantages of Nutanix Xi Frame

Nutanix Xi Frame Advantages , Benefits

Nutanix Xi frame is the cloud, on- prem or hybrid hosted virtual workspace DaaS service like virtual apps and/or desktop service to end-users across the world. Nutanix Xi frame tools are proudly developed as per enterprise standards to deliver virtual workspace solution with minimal setup time in low cost.

Nutanix Frame is a cloud-hosted DaaS (Desktop as a Service) that empowers any organization to deliver and manage their desktops via a single console for seamless control and administration, provisioning a true hybrid experience.

End users can connect Nutanix Xi frame from any device i.e laptop, tablet, smartphone through any web browser with single URL from any location across the world even from Mars if you reach there ( making fun).

This is corona virus pandemic time – entire world is suffering from this Worst economy down situation. Organization are looking the solution that can provide enterprise class desktop service with minimal cost and setup time. So their employees can work from anywhere any time. Finally Nutanix Xi frame is available to deliver the same at enterprise flag.

Nutanix Frame Advantages

Nutanix Xi frame has lots of advantages / benefits to using it seamlessly without any complex setup and minimal cost – it can be setup from single console and take up to 1 hour to gets production ready virtual workspace.

Nutanix Xi frame provides following top 10 benefits / advantages on cloud, hybrid cloud or on-prem AHV cluster:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Scalability
  3. Performance
  4. Choice of Device
  5. Security
  6. Cost saving
  7. Native App Support
  8. No Vendor Lock-in
  9. User Authentication Services
  10. Cloud Storage Integration

Let explore the top 10 Nutanix Xi frame advantages / benefits in detail.

  • Simplicity : Nutanix Xi frame provides the simplicity with automation, fully managed cloud and on-prem hosted service solution.
  • Scalability : Nutanix Xi frame is very flexible in terms of to scale end-users, compute and storage on-demand basis on Cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Nutanix enterprise cloud.
  • Performance: Nutanix Xi frame deliver multi operating system application support like Windows and/or Linux. So you can host your application and/or desktops to all end-users on your supported operating system for faster app delivery via supported global HTML5 capable web browser like Chrome, Firebox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Nutanix Xi frame virtual workspace can easily accessible without installing any client software, plugin, java package, flash player etc. Just need HTML5 capable web browser only on any device.

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  • Choice of Device : Nutanix Xi frame provides the freedom to access apps and desktop from any device – you are comfortable with like desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Security : Nutanix Xi frame is highly secure with maximum security and zero server footprint. Nutanix frame creates persistent ( personal ) and non-persistent ( pooled ) user VM while end-user request for virtual workspace to access the apps and desktop and after session closed by end-user then user VM ( non-persistent ) gets deleted / destroyed.

After deletion / destroyed the user VM without loosing any user personal drive data – security prospective data is no more longer available at rest to protect.

  • Cost saving: Nutanix Xi frame is 60% cheaper in price in comparison of other on-prem or cloud based VDI solutions. Nutanix Xi frame cost / pricing start from $30 per user – per month basis subscription. read more
  • Native App Support : Nutanix Xi frame natively supports enterprise standard apps like Microsoft 365 office, Adobe, 3D modelling, animation, gaming and autodesk revit etc.
  • No Vendor Lock-in – Nutanix Xi frame DaaS is infrastructure agnostic that can be run on any global known cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud platform (GCP), Nutanix own enterprise cloud platform or Nutanix local AHV cluster.
  • User Authentication Services : Nutanix Xi frame supports most enterprise class enabled user authentication solutions – Identity provider (IdP) for identify and access management (IAM) like Okta, Ping identity and Auth0 authentication.
  • Cloud Storage Integration : Nutanix Xi frame is natively support cloud storage integration at one-click feature. End-user can connect to their cloud based storage service like Nutanix files, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox to access the files and data.

These above top 10 Nutanix Xi frame advantages / benefits gives more clarity about Nutanix frame to decide to go with it or not.

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Nutanix Xi frame customers

Nutanix Xi frame has won lot of business leader’s heart and make them his customer to use to Nutanix frame. They is lots of customer who are using Nutanix Xi frame DaaS service.

Nutanix Xi frame customers list is here:

  • Adobe
  • Ansys
  • Autodesk
  • Bentley
  • Configura
  • Enercalc
  • Mim software
  • Mistras
  • Multiview
  • Ptc
  • Siemens
  • Solidworks
  • Synerscop And more are there.

Nutanix Xi frame cutomers list increasing day by day.


Nutanix Xi frame is great solution for every organization such small, midden and big – Nutanix frame can fit in budget and will provide best performance with minimal setup time and cost.

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