Nutanix Frame Remoting Protocol – Explained

Nutanix Frame Remoting Protocol Explained

Nutanix Xi frame is designed to deliver Desktop as a service DaaS to provides high perform through frame remoting protocol ( FRP ) to virtual workspace included virtual apps and desktops to end users through any supporting web browser with HTML capability.

Frame Remoting Protocol

Nutanix frame remoting protocol is a core part of Nutanix Xi frame to delivering the best performance with high end user experience, having build-in functionalities like high end graphics delivery with up to 60 fps, 4K and multi monitoring configuratioin, clipboard redirection, microphone support, High Quality audio – video in-sync playback support and virtual document printing.

Nutanix Frame Remoting Protocol Features

Nutanix frame remoting protocol ( FRP Protocol ) has many features and capabilities that makes the Nutanix frame more powerful and robust.

Nutanix Frame remoting protocol ( FRP ) features are:

  • Adaptive Quality of Service ( QoS )
  • Adaptive codec that greatly work with LAN, WAN and mobile environments.
  • High end computing burstable multiple CPU, GPU – NVIDIA vGPU
  • Native cloud storage integration like Microsoft oneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.
  • Streaming gateway appliance – a secure reverse proxy that supports the Frame Remoting Protocol (FRP)
  • Frame remoting technology provides unique integrations for distinct devices

Nutanix Frame Components / Appliance

Nutanix Frame Remoting Protocol is tightly integrated with following Nutanix Xi frame components / appliance to provide the above features and capabilities with high performance virtual workspace delivery experience.

  • Cloud Connector Appliance: Nutanix Frame Cloud Connector Appliance (CCA) is a required component that is responsible for connecting your local Nutanix AHV cluster to the Nutanix Frame service.

The Nutanix Frame Cloud Connector must be able to communicate with Nutanix Prism Central and also must be able to communicate with the Nutanix Xi Frame service via the Internet.

  • Nutanix Frame Streaming Gateway Appliance (SGA) is a secure reverse proxy that supports the Frame Remoting Protocol (FRP). If the user is on the internet ( in case of work from home or traveling ) and want to access Ntuanix frame hosted virtual app or desktop then Nutanix SGA comes in picture as proxy gateway to to securely grant users access – allow / Denny to virtualized applications and/or desktops as per configured policy by administrator without requiring a VPN solution.

Nutanix recommends to customers using Frame on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) infrastructure wishing to install and configure the SGA on their AHV cluster.


Nutanix Frame Remoting protocol is the core component tightly integrated to work with other frame components and/or appliance to provide the enterprise class virtual desktop performance with great features.

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