How to Install Nutanix Acropolis License

Install Nutanix Acropolis AOS License

To install / activate / the Nutanix Acropolis AOS Pro , Ultimate, Encryption, CALM, Nutanix Files, Flow, Mine etc. licenses, and/or additional software add-on license in new Nutanix HCI Acropolis Appliance, Node(s), Block, Cluster. Nutanix supports Trust-based licensing scheme with centralized licensing technology through online Nutanix Support portal.

If you are newbie customer of Nutanix then, first you need to register your hardware assets / Nutanix HCI hardware Block / Appliance / Node Block ( NX, HX, CS, DX, XF etc. ) on Nutanix portal to download the Nutanix Acropolis licenses.

Registration on Nutanix Portal

If you are new customer for Nutanix then register yourself with business email id on Nutanix portal to follow this How to Create Account on Nutanix Portal

Install Nutanix License in New Cluster

After registration on Nutanix Portal, now proceed to install Nutanix AOS Acropolis license e.g Pro and/or Ultimate license in Nutanix HCI Cluster as per your purchased licensing type. Please Install license to follow this Install Fresh Nutanix Acropolis License in Nutanix New cluster

Install Nutanix Add-on License

If you have existing Nutanix HCI Acropolis cluster and/or purchased Add-on / additional software license to enable extra feature(s) on Nutanix cluster and/or exapand the Nutanix cluster with new-node(s) then you need to install the Nutanix Acropolis license.
Please follow this to install the Nutainx AOS Add-on / Additional software license in Nutanix Acropolis cluster

Install Nutanix License on Dark Site

If your Nutanix HCI Acropolis cluster is in Dark site and/or DMZ network ( No Internet Access ) but need to install Nutanix AOS License. Then you have to methods to do it.

Method 1: To Using Laptop / PC

Step 1 : Connect your Latop to Nutanix Cluster – Prism and Download the Nutanix Cluster Summary File on Laptop / PC

Step 2 : Disconnect the Laptop / PC from Nutanix Cluster

Step 3 : Connect your Laptop / PC to Internet enabled zone / network

Step 4 : Upload the Nutanix Cluster Summary File to Nutanix Portal and Download the Nutanix License File

Step 5 : Disconnect your Laptop / PC from Internet zone / network

Step 6 : Connect your Laptop / PC to Nutanix Cluster and Upload the Nutanix Licensing File to Nutanix Cluster – Prism

Method 2 : Manually Generate License File

Nutanix offer to manually enter the Nutanix Cluster information on Nutanix Portal to generate the Nutanix Licensing File as described in this INSTALLING A NEW LICENSE DARK SITE

Install Nutanix Encryption License

Install the Nutanix Data-At-Rest Encryption Add-on license in Nutanix Cluster to watch the following video

Nutanix Encryption License

Unlicense Nutanix cluster / Node

If customer wants to unlicense, claim, remove, reuse of Nutanix cluster / Node(s) and/or Add-on license from Nutanix HCI cluster, if case of cluster destroy, remove node(s), claim unused license. Please follow to Re-claim / Un-license Nutanix License


Nutanix Acropolis AOS licensing installation in Nutanix HCI Appliance / Nodes / Blocks is very issue through Nutanix Portal.

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