Nutanix Portal : License Tagging Feature

Nutanix License Tagging Feature

Nutanix portal added new feature called License Tagging on Nutanix licenses to create license pool to identity and mange the licenses more efficiently and easily.

License Tagging

License Tagging​ allows customers to tag licenses into various pools/groups within a customer account. User will have the capability to apply licenses tagged to one/more specific pool during licensing action.

How to tag licenses ?

If you want to tag Nutanix licenses to create custom filter to categorize the licenses then need to follow steps.

Step 1 : Log in to the Nutanix Portal

If you are not register on Nutanix portal, first create account.

Read more : How to create account on Nutanix Portal

Step 2 : click on Support Portal

Nutanix Support Portal
Nutanix Support Portal

Step 3 : click on License page

Nutanix Product License Management
Nutanix Product License Management

Step 4 : ​Add Tag​ feature is available on the Licenses​ > ​Purchases​ tab.

Nutanix Portal Add-Tag on Licenses
Nutanix Portal Add-Tag on Licenses

The ‘Add Tag’ button is disabled by default But once you select the licenses
Add Tag” button will be enabled.

Step 5 : Create your custom Tag to click on Add Tag pull down button,
If already defined tags exist, they are listed in the pull down area.

Nutanix License Tag created
Nutanix License Tag created

Licensing a cluster with licenses tagged in a pool

On ‘Manage Licenses’ workflow, the ‘Upload File’ populates ‘​Choose license Tags​’ only if the customer account has tagged licenses setup.

Customer can select from one or more tagged pools or all licenses deposited in the customer account.

The rest of the licensing workflow is as-is.

Install Nutanix License Using License tagging
Install Nutanix License Using License tagging

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Everything is explained regarding Nutanix licensing with step to step guide.
I hope you learnt something new today.!

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