Nutanix CVM Kernel Panic Issue

Nutanix CVM kernel panic issue

In recently research found that CVMs may hit a kernel panic in the HBA SAS Controller Driver (mpt3sas) during shutdown causing the CVM shutdown to not complete.
This may be observed in the following workflows:

• CVM shutdown
• AOS upgrades (from affected versions)
• Hypervisor upgrades (while CVM is running affected version)
Foundation imaging workflows
• Cluster Expansion (with Node Imaging)
• LCM Firmware workflows (NX HW)

Versions Affected

Software TypeSoftware version
AOS5.10,,, 5.10.1,
HypervisorAHV, ESXi
HardwareAll Hardware Platforms

Recommendation : Customers running the affected AOS versions should avoid workflows that involve shutting down the CVM at this time.


Nutanix has identified a bug in the HBA SAS Controller Driver (mtp3sas driver) bundled with the affected AOS versions that causes the kernel panic. The mpt3sas driver will be updated in the AOS version(s) listed below to prevent the kernel panic.
Customers are recommended to upgrade to the fixed AOS version when it is released.

AOS Release with Fix : 5.10.2 or later

Please check the Nutanix Support Portal for updates to this Advisory on the release timelines for the compatible AOS versions.
Nutanix Field Advisory #64

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