Nutanix LCM Based Firmware Upgrade Operation Failed

Nutanix has identified a scenario with Life Cycle Management (LCM) where firmware upgrades may fail to complete. This issue is evident when the firmware upgrade on the node has not proceeded for more than an hour and the LCM task in Prism fails with the following error :

Operation failed Reason command
/home/nutanix/curator/bin/lcm_ops_by_phoenix’ 102, 303′
(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx code) returned.

Only the following LCM firmware upgrades are affected:

• Host Boot Device (SATADOM)

To determine the LCM version, perform the following:

  1. Log into Prism
  2. Click on the Gear Icon > Life Cycle Management
  3. Click on Inventory > Under ‘Cluster Software Component’, click on ‘See All

To determine the Foundation version, perform the following:

  1. Log into Prism
  2. Click on the Gear Icon > Upgrade Software
  3. Click on Foundation to check the current foundation version

Affected Version

LCM based firmware upgrades on clusters running the affected Foundation version will be blocked using the LCM refreshes listed in the table below:

LCM Release version : LCM 2.1.4924  & LCM 1.4.4874

Clusters already running LCM 2.x with Auto Update enabled, will be automatically upgraded to this refresh upon its release.
The LCM Auto Update status is found on the LCM page in Prism via the Options > Advanced Settings menu.
Review the LCM documentation for instructions on how to enable the LCM Auto Update capability.

Note: Customers that require component upgrades prior to the LCM & Foundation fixes being available should contact Nutanix Support for assistance.


Customers will need to upgrade both LCM and Foundation versions listed in the tables below:

LCM release version fix the issue : LCM 1.4.5290 & LCM 2.1.5320
Foundation version fix the issue : Foundation 4.3.2

LCM based firmware upgrades will be available after upgrading to the LCM and Foundation versions listed in the table above.
Nutanix filed advisory #63

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