Check Nutanix Cluster AOS, AHV, NCC, Foundation Version From Prism Web Console

Is your IT infra running on Nutanix ? then you need to check you Nutanix cluster AOS, AHV, NCC, Foundation software versions for patch management.

I will show how you can check your Nutanix running software version like Hypervisor, AOS, NCC, Foundation, BMC, BIOS etc. from prism web console.

Check Nutanix Software Version

You can check Nutanix cluster software version from Nutanix Prism on single click. You are just two steps away.

All steps are below:

Step1: Log in to Nutanix prism console using any web browser ( Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc) with credential. Refer Nutanix Prism Default Credential

Nutanix Prism Web Console

Step2: Click on right side given “Gear icon” * > Upgrade software | Done 🙂

In above screenshot you can see AOS, File Server, Hypervisor (AHV), NCC and Foundation version in single console and one go.

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To check the Nutanix running software products version of Hypervisor, AOS, AHV, NCC, Foundation, BMC, BIOS etc. is very easy from Nutanix Prism and it just a one-click job list out the Nutanix running software list and versions.

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