Nutanix Cluster AOS Software Upgrade History

I was in trouble to line up Nutanix software upgrade history for patch management record, We can not see software AOS upgrade history from Nutanix prism web console.

But i found the command line interface way to fetch Nutanix AOS software upgrade history just issue the single command.

Nutanix AOS Upgrade History

Lets check / get Nutanix AOS software version upgrade history for inventory management and troubleshooting steps.

Follow the steps to get Nutanix AOS software version history:

Step1 : Log in to any controller VM (CVM) of the running Nutanix cluster and issue following command.

Check Nutanix AOS operating system upgrade history

cvm$ tail -1 /home/nutanix/config/upgrade.history

Output would be like this: el6-release-5.10..x.x-stable-a123xxxx

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It very import to determine the AOS upgrade history to maintain the patch management history log in record.

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