Windows 10 High CPU Consumption Issue On Nutanix AHV

windows 10 high cpu consumption issue

Windows 10 most is the popular operating system of Microsoft after client OS windows XP and 7 in 21st century. Windows 10 version 1803, 1809 got stable to feed couple of patches & hundreds of MB data to installed in but on KVM-based hypervisors it consumes more CPU resources than previous builds & has been become a huge issue in production.

KVM-based Hypervisor list

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is virtualization layer in kvm-based hypervisor, it is open source for linux distribution and anyone can use it to build their only hypervisor, few hypervisor are here

Windows 10 Versions Affected

Microsoft Windows 10 VM, version 1803 or higher are affected of high CPU utilization on Nutanix AHV , Windows affected version are:
Microsoft known issue on windows 10 version 1803
Microsoft known issue on windows 10 version 1809

How To Check Windows 10 Build Number or Version through single command

Open Run command using Win + R combo & Type winver command > hit enter.
Following dialogue box will to open check here.

Windows 10 build number or version
Windows 10 build number

Problem Description

Microsoft introduced some changes in Windows 10, version 1803 and higher which result in higher CPU utilization compared to previous builds. The higher CPU utilization is seen even during VM idle periods and results in decreased VM density on AHV nodes.
The effect of this issue is more prominent in environments with high density of Windows 10 VMs.


Customers should upgrade to the fix AOS and AHV versions in the table below:

  1. Ugpgrade AOS 5.5.8 bundled with AHV 20170830.185
  2. Upgrade AOS 5.9.1 bundled with AHV 20170830.175

Recommendation: Please keep your AOS & AHV version up to date.
Nutanix Field Advisory #57

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