Nutanix Portal Secured By Google Authenticator

Google authenticator app

Nutanix support portal is enabled multi-factor authentication security by Google Authenticator application to secure nutanix customers product related data, it is extremely prominent decision taken by nutanix for their customers data security. Portal has adequate data of each customer i.e license information, SSO, purchased products serial number & cluster UUID etc.

Learning Index

  • What is Google Authenticator
  • Download & Install Google Authenticator app
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Google Authencator
  • Enable & Disable Google Authenticator on Nutanix support portal
  • Log in to support portal with Google Authenticator 2-step verification
  • Google Authenticator app troubleshooting

What is Google Authenticator

What is Google Authenticator ?

Google Authenticator is an application generates 2-step verification code on your smart phone for stronger security to your online accounts when you sign in. Google authenticator provides multi platform support like Android & Apple iOS.

Download & Install Google Authenticator on your smart phone

  1. Download Google Authenticator for android
  2. Download Google Authenticator for Apple iOS

Advantages of Google Authenticator App

  • Provide 2-step verification to protect your account from hackers
  • Google Authenticator works with many multi vendor accounts
  • Generates verification code without a data or internet connection
  • It supports native backup and restore feature
  • Support MFA-enabled applications

Disadvantages of Google Authenticator App

  1. Google Authenticator app strongly tided up with your smart phone
  2. If your phone lost, broken or not working then * you will lost your all linked accounts access, no doubt.!
  3. If Google Authenticator app do have any issue, Read marked line *
  4. If your phone camera is not able to scan bar code, Read marked line *

Enable & Disable Google Authenticator on Nutanix support portal

Go through my steps to enable Google Authentication on support portal

Prerequisites to enable multi-factor authentication

  • Nutanix support portal access
  • Smart phone & installed google authenticator application
  • Smart phone must have feature to scan bar codes

Okay, Let go for baby steps :

Step 1 : Log in to Nutanix Support Portal
If not registered, follow my post : how to register on Nutanix support portal
Support portal account page will open, search for “Admin Center” option

Nutanix Admin Center to enable multi-factor authentication
Nutanix Admin Center

Click on Admin Center Launch link, it will re-direct on following page to Enable multi-factor authentication

Enable Multi-factor authentication
Enable Multi-factor authentication

Just click on Enable Multi-Factor Authentication link to enable it

( Optional ) If you want to Disable Google Authenticator, need to click on Disable link
As shown in following screenshot

Disable Multi-factor Authentication on nutanix portal
Disable Multi-factor Authentication

Log In To Support Portal With Google Authenticator 2-step Verification

After enabling Multi-factor Authentication, now log out from support portal to proceed next following steps :

Step 1 : Log in to nutanix portal again with credential,
after you will get see following windows with barcode to scan from your smart phone through installed Google Authenticator mobile app

Nutanix portal multi athenicator bar code
Scan bar code from Google Authenticator mobile app

Step 2 : Google Authenicator app will authenticate itself with your Nutanix portal account and will generate 6 digit code as below

Step 3 : Enter generated code below in Nutanix portal to complete multi-factor authentication.

Congratulations your are logged in to Nutanix portal 🙂

Google Authenticator App Troubleshooting

If you face any challenge to authenticate your Nutanix portal account from Google Authenticator app it could be time stamp issue, need to fix it to sync time from Public NTP Server.

Step 1 : Launch Google Authenticator app on your smart phone and click on three dots > settings > Time correction for codes > Sync now ! Done

Step 2 : Now try again to scan your barcode on Nutanix portal, you will be succeeded.

Conclusion : Google Authenticator is useful but having some disadvantage to use it, if something goes wrong with Google Authentication app, lost /damage your smart phone! your linked account(s) will be locked.

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