Microsoft Integrating Linux Kernel Inside Windows 10

Windows 10 with Linux kernel

Microsoft CEO Mr. Satya Nadella announced once again socking news about windows operating system and linux developer community, going to use Microsoft windows 10 integrating with subsystem for Linux Kernel a.k.a Windows 10 build-in Linux kernel Linux kernel in to windows in this summer june 2019 and will re-launch new windows OS with Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2.0 feature to integrate linux kernel version 4.19 into Windows 10 operating system and might be windows 10 will call with new name Winlinx 10.

Know more

  • What is kernel in Operating system ?
  • Why Microsoft want to use linux kernel ?
  • Which kernel windows 10 uses ?
  • Difference between Linux kernel vs Windows 10 kernel ?
  • Pros and cons to integrate linux kernel with windows 10 OS ?

What Is Kernel In OS

Kernel is an operating system program that is the core component of any opering system like Microsoft windows Os, Linux OS, Mac Os, Android Os, iOS etc. which is completely control hardware, software program and tightly coupled with operating system to communicate to receive and send the commands.

Why Microsoft Want To Use Linux Kernel

Linux is open source operating system it source code is open to everyone to change or modify to do improvement in the code. Freelancer engineers, computer geeks & hackers change the code as per requirement and use it to solve purpose. In the same way Microsoft want to make windows operating system kernel open source to improve the stability and functionality in low cost.

Which Kernel Windows 10 Operating System Use

Windows 10 operating system uses Hybrid kernel (Windows NT) combine with Monolithic kernel & Micro Kernel.

How To Check Windows kernel Version

Go through the mention path :

Windows client OS kernel executable file path :


Windows Server OS kernel executable file path :

C:\Windows\winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-os-kernel* &

Read more about Microsoft Windows kernel version history

Linux Kernel Vs Windows 10 Kernel

Both Operating systems are differ to each other and does not support cross platform software to run directly. If you want to compare kernel matrix of hundred of operating system go through this OS Kernels Comparison .

Pros To Integrate Linux Kernel Within Windows 10

  • Windows 10 kernel will be open source
  • Anybody can get source code to improve code
  • Windows 10 will be able compatible to execute Linux apps from Windows app store
  • Windows 10 kernel will be more stable
  • Linux feature will be integrated to use like Linux terminal
  • Windows subsystem Linux kernel will improve file system I/O performance

Cons To Integrate Linux Kernel Within Windows 10

There might be following issue if Microsoft integrate Linux kernel in hurry.

  • Windows 10 might be buggy
  • It may be unstable as Windows Vista and Windows 8
  • Microsoft may bar down money graph of business
  • Windows’s Kernel will be open source it could be security compromise

Conclusion : It is very exciting to see new version of windows 10 build with Linux kernel to improve Linux compatibility but the question is will Linux code work for Microsoft ? What do you think ?
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