Nutanix Hyper-converge Technology Evolution To Xi Cloud

Nutanix More Than Hyper Converge

Nutanix is just not a Hyper-converge it is more than it

By Hyperhci

Nutanix founded in 2009 with new original concept called Hyper-converged to sort out the measure silos in three tier architecture of Information Technology and finally got the victory to defeat the three tier silos to invent hyper HCI cutting edge technology.

Nutanix has its own development or evolution of software products history from Nutanix HCI to Xi cloud.

Nutanix core concept was based on Web scale infrastructure to get rid of three tier architecture parallelly removed the multi-hop devices from IT infrastructure.

Nutanix Technology Evolution

Nutanix rapidly developing more complex and automation code for new software products to continuously releasing cutting edge software features that is making Nutanix more than hyper-converge.

Nutanix products has been divided into three categorized

Nutanix Core

Nutanix core is the basic core software that is installed on direct on bare metal as type-1 hypervisor or deployed as VM on hypervisor i.e Nutanix AHV, VMware ESXi, Xen server and Microsoft Hyper-V. Nutanix core software are reliable and stable for enterprise and cloud platform.

Nutanix core software are:

  • Nutanix Acropolis
  • Nutanix AHV
  • Nutanix Prism

Nutanix Acropolis

Nutanix Acropolis is an Operating System also known as Acropolis Operating System (AOS) is the extraordinary artificial intelligence core hardened operating system, which runs top of the supported hypervisor i.e Nutanix AHV, VMware ESXi, Xen server and Microsoft Hyper-V.
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Nutanix AHV

Nutanix AHV is Nutanix own developed hypervisor that is known as Acropolis Hyper-Visor (AHV) is native enterprise-grade virtualization for the Enterprise Cloud that’s included with no extra charge.
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Nutanix Prism

Nutanix Prism is the one-click management engine and interface for data centre operation to manage nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure.
Prism element is the web-console known for it’s beauty with intelligence built for Nutanix platform to manage invisible infrastructure.
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Nutanix Essentials

Nutanix essentials are advance software tools to give extended feature to your Nutanix invisible infrastructure and entire Nutanix portfolio to make things better.

Nutanix Essentials are :

  • Nutanix Prism Pro
  • Nutanix Calm
  • Nutanix Flow
  • Nutanix Files

Nutanix Prism Pro

Prism Pro also known as Prism central, is the single pane of glass to manage multi-cluster from single web-console. Prism central can manage multi Nutanix Acropolis clusters to register them on Prism central.
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Nutanix Calm

Nutanix Calm is the automation and orchestration tool to delivers simple, repeatable, and automated management of application creation, consumption, and governance faster then before.
Simplify the set-up and management of custom enterprise applications by incorporating all elements of each app, including relevant VMs, configurations, and related binaries, into an easy-to-use-blueprint.
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Nutanix CALM Introduction

Nutanix Flow

Nutanix Flow is the great feature that is works only on Nutanix native hypervisor AHV to provide simple, granular, policy-based  application-centric security for your VMs running on AHV via visualization, microsegmentation, and network automation. Implement application-level security without the complexity of traditional network security tools or the concern about interference from other networking components or architectures.

Nutanix Flow – Application centric security

Nutanix Files

Nutanix Files provides single pane of glass management simplicity, software defined flexibility, software-defined high availability, massive scale, easy self-service management, self-tuning, and self-healing and deep analytics intelligence to meet the modern challenges you face around file data.

Nutanix Files

Nutanix Enterprises

Nutanix Enterprises are the enterprise cloud based or integration enabled software to provide business continuity as-surety along with VM’s data backup on cloud as service.

Nutanix enterprises are :

  • Nutanix Xi Leap
  • Nutanix Xi Frame
  • Nutanix Xi Beam
  • Nutanix Xi Epoch
  • Nutnix Xi IoT
  • Nutanix Volumes
  • Nutanix Buckets
  • Nutanix Era
  • Nutanix Karbon

Nutanix Xi Leap

Nutanix Xi Leap is a cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) service and offer DR automation is done by simply selecting VMs for protection, setting up orchestration runbooks, and initiating non-disruptive testing all from within Prism! VMs get replicated in the background and are ready to be recovered in the Xi Cloud in the event of a site failure.
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Nutanix Xi-Leap

Nutanix Xi Frame

Nutanix Xi Frame is a Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) by Nutanix. You can use it to provision Windows or Linux desktops on premise (on Nutanix AHV) or on any major public cloud service (i.e Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform).

Nutanix Frame gives you everything you need to deliver desktops and applications, without  the hassle. Deliver Windows software to any device with a standard web browser – no downloads or plug-ins required.

Nutanix Xi Frame

Nutanix Xi Beam

Nutanix Xi Beam deliver Automate Cloud Security Compliance and Cost Governance and full control of your public and private cloud environments with Xi Beam. Easily identify and fix cloud security vulnerabilities and cost leaks in multi-cloud environments.

Leverage Xi Beam to identify and fix cloud security issues in real-time before they affect your business. Get right-sizing information on your resources to keep cloud costs under control.

Nutanix Xi Beam

Nutanix Xi Epoch

Nutanix Xi Epoch deliver quickly and easily ensure the reliability and availability of any application in any environment using Epoch’s live application maps and monitor your service level objectives holistically, and set alerts for aggregated KPIs, rather than tracking thousands of low-level notifications.

Epoch delivers out-of-the-box alerting for “golden signals”—such as latency, error rates, and throughput—that provide operations teams powerful insights into events and trends that can impact end-user experience and application uptime, while eliminating alert fatigue.

Nutanix Xi Epoch

Nutanix Xi IoT

Nutanix IoT platform delivers local computing, machine learning, and intelligence for your edge devices, enabling effortless efficiency and scale for your IoT operations.

Nutanix Xi IoT

Nutanix Volumes

Nutanix volumes delivers built-in space efficiency: storage resources automatically include de-duplication, compression, erasure coding, and thin provisioning. Performance scales seamlessly with the size of the Nutanix cluster, eliminating forklift upgrades.
Provision storage with 1-click ease through Prism. Access block storage resources from both VMs and iSCSI simultaneously. Manage block, file, and objects from the same interface.

Nutanix Buckets

Buckets allows users to store petabytes of unstructured data on the Nutanix platform, with support for features such as WORM (write once, read many) and object versioning that are required for regulatory compliance, and easy integration with 3rd party backup software and S3-compatible applications.
Nutanix Buckets

Nutanix Era

Nutanix Era is a software suite that automates and simplifies database administration – bringing One Click simplicity and invisible operations to database provisioning and life cycle management (LCM).

Nutanix Era enables DBAs to provision, clone, refresh, and backup their databases to any point in time. Line of business applications in every vertical depend on databases, providing use cases in both production and non-production environments.
Nutanix Era

Nutanix Karbon

Nutanix Karbon is an on-prem turnkey curated enterprise-grade Kubernetes service offering that simplifies the provisioning, operations and life cycle management of Kubernetes.

Karbon provides a consumer-grade experience for delivering Kubernetes on-premise providing huge savings on OpEx of dedicated DevOps or SRE teams to keep Kubernetes online, up to date or integrated with 3rd party components and tooling.
Nutanix Karbon


Nutanix coders are busy to inventing extraordinary software to simplify the Nutanix infrastructure for extraordinary nutanix customers and engineers to learn something new and contentiously pushing learning limits.
So, I can say.. “Nutanix is just not a Hyper-converge it is more than it

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