Nutanix Xi Leap mainstream hybrid cloud Disaster Recovery service

Nutanix Xi-Leap Service

Nutanix Xi Leap is a mainstream hybrid cloud service from Nutanix, providing disaster recovery for all of your on-prem hosted applications in an easy to consume manner. It can help organizations protect on-premise workloads by extending their environment to the Nutanix Xi Cloud Services for a fully orchestrated Disaster Recovery (DR) solution instead of setting up a secondary datacenter. With Xi Leap, customers can use a single set of tools and management constructs and eliminate the cost, complexity and uncertainty associated with traditional DR solutions. Leap is natively integrated DRaaS that provides recovery orchestration and on-demand non-disruptive testing to ensure business continuity.

Supported Hypervisor

Support for both AHV and VMware ESXI Workloads We already supported DR for on-premise AHV workloads to the Nutanix Xi Cloud Services. With the release of AOS 5.11, we will support DR for ESXi workloads to the Nutanix Xi Cloud Services. This significantly increases our capabilities and makes Xi Leap a compelling solution for customers running VMs on both the widely deployed hypervisors for server virtualization workloads.

DR Service with SLAs

Obsessing over the Customer remains one of our culture principles and we are delighted to inform our customers about our Xi Leap service SLAs (Service Level Agreements). We offer 1 hour RPO and 1 Hour RTO SLAs. RPO captures tolerance for data loss in the event of a disaster and RTO is about how quickly your VMs come up once you initiate failover. This is a competitive differentiator as very few players offer SLAs on both RTO and RPO for their service. Most make a claim but offer no SLA. You can view the Xi Leap SLA document for more details.

Customers trust Xi Leap to recover critical data

Nutanix Xi-Leap DR Service
Nutanix Xi-Leap DR Service

Simplicity of operations is one of the main added benefits for deploying Nutanix and Xi Leap is no different. Xi Leap makes ongoing management easy, improves business continuity and disaster recovery readiness, and helps customers focus on strategic initiatives instead of routine tedious operational management tasks.

“Troubleshooting time has been cut down by half or more. In the past, if a primary SQL server was performing poorly, we would have to examine four different consoles. Now we can see everything from a single Prism Central dashboard for Xi Leap. Leap gives us peace of mind in knowing we have a viable option to failover in the event of long-term maintenance or disaster,” says Todd Rogers, Infrastructure Manager at Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC).

“I was surprised at the speed with which we could do things. Under our old system, protecting Virtual Machines (VMs) might take the better part of a day for setup and configuration. With Nutanix, the process was done in ten minutes,” says Gary Mattei, Director of Technology at Avon Grove School District.

“With previous disaster recovery systems, we weren’t able to achieve the performance we expected for virtual machine restoration and managing DR as a separate silo made our infrastructure more complex,” says Patrick Sudderth, Director of Technical Services, Lexipol. “Nutanix Xi Leap allows us to configure policies that automate the DR workflow directly within the Prism Console and restoration happens in a matter of minutes. No other DRaaS vendor can come close to the simplicity of execution we experience with Xi Leap.”
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