Nutanix Foundation Version 4.4.x release

Nutanix Foundation

Nutanix foundation is the VM appliance to image the Nutanix nodes with desired hypervisor like Nutanix AHV, VMware Esxi, Hyper-V and Citrix Xen server etc.

New Features or Enhancements

This release includes the following features or enhancements:

  • You can update foundation-platforms sub-module on Foundation. This enables Foundation to support the latest hardware models or components qualified after the release of installed Foundation version
  • For RDMA, you can configure network adapters to passthrough to CVM, in Foundation GUI
  • For a Hyper-V node, Foundation teams only the highest-speed connected NICs and not all connected NICs, for optimal network performance
  • Foundation supports ESXi 6.0 U3a on Nutanix G7 platform with AOS 5.10.4 or higher

Resolved Issues

This release include the following fixes:

  • Resolved intermittent network connectivity issues on nodes with multiple connected uplinks
  • Phoenix installation logs get successfully copied to /bootbank/installer.log on ESX host
  • Foundation successfully images Dell XC430-4 node with a 1GbE-only NIC on AHV
  • Foundation successfully images Dell XC node that has both Mellanox rNDC card and Mellanox PCIe card

Known Issues

This release has the following known issues:

  • Imaging a RDMA-enabled node for hypervisor boot drive replacement or expanding the cluster, disables RDMA on NICs. Workaround: After successful imaging, manually passthrough the RDMA NICs to CVM.
  • Standalone Foundation cannot assign VLAN to host or CVM networks when the host workstation uses a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter because the VLAN-tagged packets do not pass onto the standalone VM hosted on VirtualBox or VMware Fusion. The workaround is to use a USB to Ethernet adapter
  • If baseboard management controller (BMC) on a NX node is down, the Foundation process fails during the imaging process with the error: “StandardError: Foundation failed to detect node type”. The workaround is to reset the BMC and click Retry on Foundation UI.
  • On ESXi clusters, even though an NTP server was specified for the CVM and hypervisor host during imaging and the Prism web console shows that the NTP server was added, the NCC health checks report the error: The hypervisor is not synchronizing with any NTP server.
    Workaround: Do the following on the ESXi host:
    1. Open /etc/ntp.conf in a text editor.
    2. Locate the text interface listen br0 and replace br0 with vmk0.
    3. Restart the NTP daemon./etc/init.d/ntpd restart
  • If you use Foundation for imaging Lenovo platforms, do not use the one-click update functionality that is included in the Foundation graphical user interface.

    The one-click update process downloads a Foundation installer that does not include Lenovo packages. Instead of performing a one-click update, use the manual browse and install functionality.

    For information about the two update methods, see “Updating Foundation by Using the Graphical User Interface” in the Field Installation Guide.
  • Foundation fails to populate network interface options on the Start page.Workaround: Run the following command.
 $ sudo ip -6 address flush label “eth*” scope global

Hardware Platform–Specific Notes

The following notes apply to the use of Foundation 3.1.x and later releases with specific hardware platforms:NX-3175-G4

  • One or more of the following issues result from the use of an unsupported 1000BASE-T Copper SFP transceiver module (SFP-to-RJ45 adapter) when imaging NX-3175-G4 nodes:
    • Foundation times out with the following message in node logs: INFO: Populating firmware information for device bmc
    • Foundation fails at random stages.
    • Foundation cannot communicate with the baseboard management controller (BMC).To avoid encountering these issues, use a supported SFP-to-RJ45 adapter.
      For information about supported adapters, see KB 2422

Download Nutanix Foundation 4.4.x

Direct download Nutanix foundation link

Foundation version 4.4
Size : 3.34 GB
Download : Foundation_VM-4.4.tar
Release date : Recently 2019

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