Become Nutanix Certified Professional to Get NPP , NCP , NCAP , NPX , NCSR , NCSE Certificates

Nutanix Professional Certificates

Nutanix certification is the most trending and getting more popular Certifications on Nutanix Hyper converge HCI platform and virtualization, Xi cloud, HCI technical guys are exciting to know more about Nutanix certifications like NPP , NCP , NCAP , NPX , NCSR , NCSE professional certifications, and how to get it ?

If you want to become Nutanix certified professional but don’t know how and where to start to get Nutanix certification.
You don’t worry i help help out to give extreme detailed information regarding Nutanix certifications.

Lets start to get Nutanix certificates

What is Nutanix Certification ?

Nutanix certifications is the authorized certificate that is the proof, your are Nutanix certified professional and validate your skills and abilities to monitor, manage, deploye, administering, and troubleshooting on Nutanix products.

Nutanix certificate gives an unique identity to Nutanix administrator / engineer and make him confident and proud to be apart of Nutanix family.

Nutanix certificate open wide area of opportunities, Nutanix having very good reputation and demand in IT industry and MNCs are offering job opportunity along with good pay scale job as Nutanix administrator / engineer / specialist to manage the Nutanix cluster platform and products.

Benefits of Nutanix Certificate

Every certification in the universe have it’s own benefits to gain more skills, ability, experience and knowledge about specific product.

If you are certified on any technology or product that means you have the enough skills, ability and knowledge to work professionally.

Nutanix certificate will offer following benefits:

  • You will be known as Certified Nutanix Professional
  • You would have more skills, ability and knowledge
  • You will work professionally on certified applicable product(s)
  • You will get better job opportunity
  • you will get best salary package as per industry
  • You can work as specialist or consultant

Nutanix Certifications List

Nutanix offer many certifications to produce Nutanix administrators / engineers and specialists in IT industry those have enough knowledge, skills and working experience on Nutanix product(s).

Nutanix’s certifications have two verticals

  1. Technical Certifications
  2. Sales / Consultant Certifications

Technical Certifications List

Nutanix Technical Certifications are a badge of honor, designed to recognize the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired to successfully deploy, manage, optimize, and scale your Enterprise Cloud.

Earning these certifications validates your proven abilities and aptness to guide your organization along the next phase of your Enterprise Cloud journey.

  1. NPP ( Nutanix Platform Professional) It is out dated now.
  2. NCP ( Nutanix Certified Professional)
  3. NCAP (Nutanix Certified Advanced Professional)
  4. NPX ( Nutanix Platform Expert)

Sales / Consultant Certifications List

This education program prepares consulting partners to deliver professional service offerings to Nutanix customers. The online courses and training are based on the Nutanix Services Installation Delivery Toolkit and provide Nutanix consulting partners with the necessary information needed to deploy customer infrastructure in the same manner as Nutanix Services delivery teams.

  1. NCSR ( Nutanix Certified Sales Representative Level 1-3)
  2. NCSX ( Nutanix Certified Sales Expert)
  3. NCSE ( Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer Level 1, 2)
  4. NCSC ( Nutanix Certified Services Consultant Level 1, 2)

Choose your Nutanix certification vertical as per your profile and go for it to achieve Nutanix certificate to become Nutanix certified “?”.!

Nutanix Certification Path

Nutanix offer many certifications in technical and sales / consultant vertical.

The question is where to start ?

Nutanix have predefined Certification path to achieve those certificates to cross the knowledge level.

Technical Certification Path

If you are from technical profile then you can proceed to achieve Nutanix technical certification to follow predefined certification path

Level 1NCP : You need to achieve NCP ( Nutanix Certified Professional ) to attempt online exam

After achieved Level 1 : NCP certificate, Level 2 : NCAP will unlock to attempt online exam

Level 2NCAP : You need to achieve NCAP ( Nutanix Certified Advanced Professional ) certificate to proceed Level 3 : NPX will unlock to attempt online exam.

Level 3NPX : is the final certificate of Nutanix professional series.

After completed the NPX certificate, you can proceed to achieve different type of certificate like NCSE or NCSC

Sales / Consultant Certifications Path

NCSR and NCSX Certificate Path

NCSR ( Nutanix Certified Sales Representative) have 3 levels of certification on each level you will achieve certificate and will unlock next level certificate will be available to attempt online exam.

After achieved NCSR level 3 certificate then
NCSX certificate will unlock to achieve and available to attempt online exam.

NCSE Certifications Path

NCSE ( Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer Level 1 – 2) is the beginning of new certification filed related to System Engineer and having level 1 and 2.

After achieved NCSE level 1 certificate, NCSE level 2 will unlock to achieve and available to attempt online exam.

NCSC Certifications Path

NCSC ( Nutanix Certified Services Consultant Level 1 – 2 ) is beginning of new certification filed related to Service Consultant and having level 1 and 2.

After achieved NCSC level 1 certificate, NCSC level 2 will unlock to achieve and available to attempt online exam.

Nutanix Certification Preparation Dumps

If You want to or preparing for Nutanix certification exam and don’t have study material / content for online exam preparation.

Don”t worry i will share best resources with you to gain quite enough knowledge to crack Nutanix certifications exam.

Lets begin to prepare for Nutanix Certifications

Nutanix school Portal

Nutanix school portal is best resource to read out the detailed modules of Nutanix certifications like ECA 5.5, NCP, NCSR and NSCE modules to prepare and develop skills for Nutanix Certification online examination.

Nutanix Nuschool
Nutanix Nuschool

So, Nutanix will help you to get sound knowledge to crack the Nutanix exam.

Nutanix Youtube channel

If love to watch video and want to get learn from video then to Nutanix Youtube channel will work you to gain deep knowledge on Nutanix products to crack Nutanix certification online exam.

Nutanix Tech TopX :

Nutanix Nuschool :

Nutanix Classroom Training

Nutanix offer paid Instructor-led training classes are the ideal choice when you need comprehensive coverage of Nutanix administration, performance, and optimization for yourself or your team.
The hands-on classes mix presentations by our expert instructor team with dedicated time on our hosted lab environment to give you a robust learning experience. You’ll leave class confident in your ability to use the skills you’ve built on the job.

Nutanix Online Training

Nutanix offer online training also no matter which stage of your Enterprise Cloud journey you’re on, you’ll learn something new and useful from our free Online Training. Designed with you in mind, these online options offer a fresh, engaging, and interactive way of teaching you the fundamentals you need to succeed.

Web and Documents Links

I hope this dump links will help to get Nutanix certificate(s).

Nutanix Certification Cost

Nutanix certification is paid today as per rapidly increasing the popularity of Nutanix Hyper HCI platform.

Vouchers are also available but in limited quantity for Nutanix employees and partners only.

Nutanix certificate cost is $199 for each certification for common man.

Register for a Nutanix Certification Exam

Nutanix certification is not for everyone it is avaiable only for Nutanix customer’s employee, Nutanix partners and Nutanix employee only.

You have to follow registration procedure

Step 1 : Create account on Nutanix portal

Read more : How to register yourself on Nutanix portal

Step 2 : visit Nutanix Certification website and choose your Certification to proceed to attempt the online exam.

Visit : Nutanix Certification Website to Take Exam

Nutanix Take Exam
choose Nutanix Certification to Take Exam

I chose NCP certification, Now click on “Take The Exam” link

Step 3 : After clicking on “Take The Exam” link, a PDF webpage will open

Register for Nutanix Exam
Register for Nutanix Exam

Step 4 : Now choose your relation with Nutanix

End user : If you are Nutanix customer
Partner : If you are authorized partner ( included all partner types)
Employees : If you are Nutanix employees

Step 5 : After clicking on one option as mentioned above, will redirect to another link to login on Nutanix education portal

Now login to Nutanix educational portal page with same credential used to login Nutanix portal

Step 6 : Now you have to click on Learn > Exam > select exam

Enjoy Nutanix Exam to get Nutanix Professional certification


Nutanix certification is very important to become Nutanix certified professional and work professionally on Nutanix products.

Nutanix launches the news certifications over the time to make competition more tough and get Nutanix certification than previous one.

Keep learning to achieve new Nutanix certifications and being certified professional.

I hope today you learnt what is Nutanix certification and how to get it
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