Nutanix BIOS Uncorrectable Memory Errors Solution

Nutanix BIOS Uncorrectable Memory Errors Solution

Nutanix has released updated latest version of BIOS with significant improvement in stability and proactive detection of problematic DIMMs and prevent unnecessary service disruption as a result of uncorrectable memory errors (UECC).

If you are also facing issues in BIOS, LCM, BMC, and NCC then you should upgrade it to latest one – that will be better for your cluster stability and performance.

BIOS Affected Versions

Following are the affected / problematic version of BIOS running on NX-G6 / G7 Platforms with BIOS versions:

  1. PB41.002 and prior
  2. PU41.002 and prior
  3. PW42.000 and prior

Above BIOS version PB41.002,PU41.002and PW42.000 released with following improvements but having lots of known issues.

  • Improved proactive detection of memory errors during Patrol Scrub
  • Reduction in correctable memory error threshold to generate an alert
  • Enabling of Adaptive Data Correction (ADC)

If your Nutanix NX node are running on above BIOS version or prior then you must upgrade it to latest one.

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Latest Stable BIOS Version

Nutanix has released latest stable BIOS version with stability and lots of improvements / fixes in early detection and error handling related to memory DIMMs.

Nutanix NX – BIOS latest and stable version are:

  1. PB42.300 or later
  2. PU42.300 or later
  3. PW42.300 or later


Nutanix Latest BIOS Version PB42.300,PU42.300 and PW42.300 having following improvements /fixes :

  • Enabling of Post Package Repair (PPR)
  • Patrol Scrub correctable errors integrated into the CECC error handling and operate as a part of the RAS workflow
  • Fixed an issue where a watchdog “three-strike” error could cause the host to stop or restart unexpectedly

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Upgrade Comparability Matrix

Nutanix recommends to upgrade your Nutanix cluster to latest software – LCM, BMC, BIOS and NCC versions to following version or later.

PlatformBMC VersionBIOS VersionNCC VersionLCM Version
NCC 3.9.5LCM
BMC-7.07BIOS-PU42.300NCC 3.9.5LCM
BMC-7.05BIOS-PW42.300NCC 3.9.5LCM

Follow above upgrade matrix to upgrade the software.

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Upgrade Software

How to upgrade Nutanix software through Nutanix Prism – watch this video.

Hopefully, Now you can upgrade your Nutanix acropopolis cluster with latest one to improve the stability and performance.

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