SATADOM Model 3IE3 Firmware Upgrade

Nutanix SATADOM 3IE3 Failure Issue

Nutanix has identified an issue with the S160130N and S560301N firmware on 3IE3 model SATADOMs which can cause the device to fail after an AC power cycle of the node. Since these devices serve as the boot drive for the hypervisor, a node affected by this issue may not come fully online after an upgrade or some other planned maintenance that involves an AC cycle of the host. This issue has been corrected in both the S671115N and S670330N versions of the Satadom firmware.

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To reduce the likelihood that our customers are impacted by this issue, Nutanix has updated Lifecycle Manager LCM such that it will only show Satadom (Host Boot Device) upgrades if it detects the S560301N firmware on any of the nodes in the cluster. Customers are being advised to use LCM to upgrade the satadoms in their cluster to the fix version S670330N during their next available maintenance window.

Once all satadoms are upgraded, later Inventory operations with LCM will once again show available updates for any other types of firmware (BMC, BIOS, SATA, etc.) on the cluster that are not already on the latest versions.

Updating Satadom Firmware

To ensure that all known issues are addressed going into the firmware update, Nutanix recommends that customers first upgrade AOS to a version that supports the latest LCM Framework version 2.x. Currently these versions are:

  • AOS 5.10 or later
  • AOS 5.9 or later
  • AOS 5.8.2 or later
  • AOS 5.5.6 or later

Once you are running one of these versions on your cluster, LCM will automatically update itself to the latest Framework version when you run your first Inventory. Before start the Satadom upgrade need to open LCM network port and URL on external firewall.

We also recommend upgrading the cluster to the latest available version of Foundation.

Since there are no AC power cycles involved in updating these software entities, there should be no risk in the satadoms failing.

If you are using AHV hypervisor, please refrain from updating AHV until after you have upgraded all satadoms running S560301N firmware.

Read also how to enable / disable / Nutanix Controller-VM CVM Maintenance mode in Nutanix Acropolis Cluster.

KB-6945 was created to answer many of the frequently asked questions about these updates and will give you an idea of what to expect during each of them.

You having the any issue to upgrade the SATADOM through CLM then read this post to resolve the issue Nutanix LCM Upgrade Process Failed Troubleshooting.

Nutanix SATADOM is using to install the Nutanix Supported Hypervisor e.g Nutanix AHV, VMware Esxi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen server to prevent data loss on disk drivers. In case Hypervisor OS corrupted then just need to replace the SATADOM device only and re-installed the hypervisor to run that node live again in production.

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