Nutanix Guest Tool NGT Installations in Windows and Linux VM

Nutanix Guest Tool NGT Download, Features and Installation Guide

Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) is a set of software features already available to download and install for guest VM. A Nutanix guest agent (NGA) publishes information about the VM to the Nutanix cluster, such as guest OS type, VM mobility status, and VSS services. The NGA is installed in both Windows and Linux guests.

Nutanix NGT Tool Features

  • Nutanix Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)

The Nutanix VSS hardware provider enables integration with native Nutanix data protection. The provider allows for application-consistent, VSS-based snapshots when using Nutanix protection domains. Supported with Windows guests.

  • Self-Service Restore

The Self-Service Restore (SSR) feature enables Nutanix administrators or VM owners to mount snapshots directly to the VM from which they were taken. This capability allows end users to select the specific files they wish to use from a given snapshot.

The Self-Service Restore GUI and CLI are installed in Windows guests. The Nutanix Guest Tools CLI (ngtcli) is used to execute the SSR CLI.
Access the SSR GUI by opening a browser, navigating and logging on with machine administrator rights.

  • Nutanix VirtIO Drivers

NGT installs the Nutanix VirtIO drivers and provides the registry configuration necessary to support the migration or conversion of VMs bidirectionally between AHV and ESXi.

These drivers are used when performing Nutanix VM Mobility or Nutanix cluster conversion.The required drivers are installed in Windows guests.

NGT requires network connectivity between the Nutanix cluster and the user VMs. NGT also requires an empty IDE CD-ROM slot in the guest for attaching the ISO image.

For NGT communication with the Nutanix cluster, ensure that the Nutanix cluster is configured with a virtual IP address (VIP). Also ensure that port 2074 is open between the required VMs and the CVMs.

NGT can be enabled from either Prism (VM page, table view) or the Nutanix CLI (nCLI) on a VM-by-VM basis. When first enabled, NGT mounts an ISO to the specified VM.

An administrator can then run the NGT installer from inside the VM. After installation, the installer package ejects the CD-ROM and enables NGT for the VM.

VSS snapshot functionality is enabled by default, while self-service restore, previously called file-level restore, is disabled by default. To view or modify services, or control ISO mount state, use Prism by selecting the target VM and choosing Manage Guest Tools. nCLI can also be used, specifically the ngt command. The following example shows how to query the NGT state for a specific VM.

Nutanix NGT Tool Recommendation

Only install NGT within guests as required for the following use cases:

  • For VMs that require self-service restore.
  • For VMs that require VSS.
  • Prior to performing a cluster conversion.
  • When utilizing Nutanix VM Mobility.

If none of these conditions apply, use the Nutanix VirtIO driver standalone installation package and not NGT.

Download Nutanix NGT Tool

Nutanix Guest Tool ( NGT ) is come with bundled in Nutanix Acropolis AOS operating system tar file and available to install in guest VMs i.e Windows and Linux VM.

Download Nutanix NGT Tool here: Download Nutanix NGT Tool for Windows, Linux OS

Install Nutanix NGT Tool in Windows VM

Step 1 : Log in to Nutanix Prism Web console

Step 2 : Select Guest VM and go below to menu panel and click on Nutanix Guest Tool to proceed to mount the Nutanix NGT Tool on guest VM

Note : one CD-ROM must be empty and attached to guest VMs for Nutanix NGT Tool mounting.

Step 3 : Log in to the guest VM console and click to CD-ROM mounted Nutanix NGT Tool.

Step 4 : Now proceed to install Nutanix NGT Tool installation process.

Watch Installing Nutanix NGT Tool Installation Video

Install Nutanix Guest Tool NGT in Guest VM

Hopefully, Now you have completed the Nutanix NGT Tool installation in Windows guest VM.

Lets explore the way to install the Nutanix NGT Tool in Linux guest VM.

Install Nutanix Guest Tool NGT in Linux VM

Note : Verify that Python 2.6 , 2.7 or 3 or later along with python-setup tools package is installed properly on your Linux machines.

Step 1 : Log in to Nutanix Prism Web console

Step 2 : Select Guest VM and go below to menu panel and click on Nutanix Guest Tool to proceed to mount the Nutanix NGT on guest VM

Note : one CD-ROM must be empty and attached to guest VMs for Nutanix NGT Tool mounting.

Step 3 : Log into the Linux VM.

Step 4 : Create a temporary folder (/mnt) and mount the content of the CD in the temporary folder.

$ sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt

Step 5 : Run the following python script to install NGT Tool.

$ sudo python /mnt/installer/linux/

You might face following issues

Issue 1: When trying to install Nutanix NGT tool through above command you might have the following error:

sudo: python: command not found

Solution : Install the phython3 in the system and update system then run following command

$ sudo python3

Issue 2: Installation of Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) fails on Red Hat Enterprise Linux with following error:

[nutanix@localhost ~]$ sudo /mnt/tools/installer/linux/
[sudo] password for nutanix:
Using Linux Installer for red hat enterprise linux server linux distribution.
Setting up Nutanix Guest Tools - VM mobility drivers.
Failed to setup Nutanix Guest Tools - VM mobility drivers.

Solution: If the file /etc/dracut.conf is missing installation will fail with the errors described above. In some instances, a broken symlink might exist pointing to a non-existing file that is created as part of vmware tools install.

Run following command to fix it

[nutanix@localhost ~]$ sudo touch /etc/dracut.conf
[nutanix@localhost ~]$ sudo /mnt/tools/installer/linux/

Step 6 : Validate Nutanix NGT service running status

$ service ngt_guest_agent status

Note : ngt_guest_agent service must be running

Step 7 Optional : if ngt_guest_agent service is not running then restart the service

$ sudo service ngt_guest_agent restart 

Check Nutanix NGT Tool Status

Now you can the Nutanix NGT tool installation status in the Windows / Linux VM — in other words, Nutanix NGT tool is installed or not in the Windows / Linux VM through single ncli command mentioned below:

Check Nutanix NGT Tool installation status through following command:

nutanix@cvm$ ncli ngt list vm-names=testVM

Output will be similar as

nutanix@cvm$ ncli ngt list vm-names=test
    VM Id                     : 000533bf-ee0a-4e12-0372-246e9611a600::9b57f0ec-e52b-487a-9d38-518d2629ac23
    VM Name                   : testVM
    NGT Enabled               : true  <----- should show true if enabled
    Tools ISO Mounted         : false <----- should show true if the ISO is mounted
    Vss Snapshot              : true
    File Level Restore        : false <----- should show true if Self Service Restore is enabled
    Communication Link Active : true  <----- should show true if properly installed and connected to the CVM

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If you have any question or trouble to install Nutanix NGT Tool in guest VM running on Nutanix Acropolis cluster then share your query / problem in comment.