Nutanix Cluster size Limitation, Scabalibity or Maximums


Nutanix hyper converged HCI platform is hypervisor agnostic and supported Nutanix Acrpolis Hypervsor AHV, VMware Esxi and Hyper-V with full stack.
But Nutanix cluster has its own limitations, scalability and maximums as per subject to hypervisor limitation or maximums.

Nutanix cluster size limitation, maximums and scalability entities are VMs, volume groups, vDisk, snapshots, Memory, vCPU, RDM vDisk, NFS data stores, storage pool, storage container, Replication factor, Redundancy factor, Prism and CVM console access and iSCSI.

Nutanix tested the Nutanix cluser maximums, scability and limitions on each supported hypervisor and values for entities in a Nutanix cluster.

Nutanix cluster EntitySupported Maximum
VMs or volume groupsUp to available hardware resources and hypervisor limitations (no known logical limit)Async DR: 200 VMs or volume groups for each protection domain, or consistency group Metro Availability: See the Maximum Limits for Metro Availability table in Data Protection Guidelines (Metro Availability) topic.1200 files for all the entities per vStore
vDisks (including snapshots)600,000
vDisk size (limited by hypervisor or guest OS)ESXi 5.5 and above = 62 TB

ESXi 5.1 and below = 2 TB minus 512 B

Hyper-V vhdx format = 64TB

Hyper-V vhd format = 2TB

AHV = No known limit ( vDisk size : 9EB – Exabyte )
vCPUs per VMConstrained by the number of logical processors available to the VM.
Memory per VMConstrained by physical RAM capacity.
RDM vDisks256 per vZone or ESXi host
NFS datastoresNutanix = 256 per host

ESXi 5.x and later = 256 per host
NFS datastore sizeAvailable disk capacity in the Nutanix cluster (no known logical limit)
Small files (<512 KB) on NFS datastores2.5 GB per Nutanix node
Storage pools2 per Nutanix cluster
Storage pool sizeAvailable disk capacity in the Nutanix cluster (no known logical limit)
Physical disks per storage poolNumber of disks in the Nutanix cluster (no known logical limit)
Storage Containers (created on Nutanix cluster)256 per Nutanix cluster
Storage Container sizeAvailable disk capacity in a storage pool (no known logical limit)
Node per clusterNo limit
Replication factor3
Redundancy Factor3
Nutanix management interface (Prism) simultaneous connections20 clients per Controller VM
iSCSI128 LUNs per node

256 LUNS per Volume Group

No limit for the number of volume groups if you do not exceed maximum number of LUNs per node

Nutanix clusters are also subject to the vSphere maximum values documented by VMware. For a list of the vSphere maximums, see Configuration Maximums for the version of vSphere you are running.

Nutanix supports up to 50 VMs for each storage container if you are using Microsoft VSS-based backups in Hyper-V.
If the number of VMs in each storage container increases to more than 50, backup jobs start to get into NFS timeouts.

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