Does Nutanix Support z/VM , z/OS ?

Does Nutanix supports IBM z/VM z/OS

I received many request to write a post to give more clarity on IBM z/VM , z/OS guest VM supports / compatibility on Nutanix Acropolis cluster – Supported AHV, VMawre ESXi, Hyper-V hypervisor. I tried to delivery more information on this topic to all my technology geek reader. so they would have more detailed information about IBM z/VM, z/OS supporting comparability on Nutanix platform.

Lets go to take an deep dive to get the best answer about z/VM , z/OS compatibility to run on Nutanix acropolis cluster – AHV hypervisor.

I will discuss following queries in this post:

  1. What is z/VM and z/OS ?
  2. What is difference between z/VM vs z/OS ?
  3. Which platforms support z/VM vs z/OS ?
  4. Does Nutanix Platform supports z/VM vs z/OS ?

What is z/VM ?

IBM z/VM Architecture
IBM z/VM Architecture

The z/VM is the IBM’s highly secure and scalable hypervisor that supports cloud infrastructure and for running critical applications. z/VM is the current version in IBM’s VM family of virtual machine operating systems. z/VM was first released in October 2000 and remains in active use and development as of 2019.

  • IBM z/VM supports Linux, z/OS, z/VSE and z/TPF operating systems on IBM Z and LinuxONE servers. It can host thousands of virtual servers on a single system.
  • z/VM has advanced the scaling capability again, increasing the limit of 64 logical processors to 80 logical processors. When combined with z/VM Single System Image (SSI) clusters, this can provide a 320 logical processor environment with the four SSI-members.
  • The IBM z/VM hypervisor is a virtualization technology platform for two of the industry’s best-of-breed environments – IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE server. IBM z/VM supports the Linux, IBM z/OS, IBM z/VSE and IBM z/TPF operating systems.
  • Long recognized as a robust hypervisor, z/VM virtualization enables a highly secure and scalable infrastructure for enterprise cloud and Linux deployment along with all kinds of applications.

Benefits of Using IBM z/VM Hypervisor:

  • Efficiency and scalability
  • Continuous deployment without risk
  • Support for Linux, z/OS, z/TPF and z/VSE
  • Pervasive encryption enablement
  • System ease of use

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What is z/OS ?

The z/OS is a 64-bit operating system for IBM mainframes produced by IBM. z/OS runs as guest VM on z/VM hypervisor. z/OS is a UNIX based operating system. z/OS support enables two open systems interfaces on the operating system: an application programming interface (API) and an interactive shell interface.

  • Mainframes with z/OS are typically used to run large, complex, mission-critical workloads for large enterprise organizations.
  • IBM z/OS is designed to support clients with workload efficiency, scalability, improved analytics capabilities, and resiliency to deliver capabilities that enhance availability, performance, and improved security and data protection.
  • Easier integration of z/OS into private and multi-cloud environments with improvements that deliver a more robust, easy to use, and highly available implementation using IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS, IBM z/OS Cloud Broker and IBM Cloud Storage Access for z/OS Data
  • Enhancements that continue to simplify and modernize the z/OS environment for a better user
  • Experience and improved productivity by reducing the level of IBM Z specific skills that are required to maintain z/OS
  • IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS provides enhancements to simplify data analysis by combining open source runtimes and libraries with analysis of z/OS data at its source
  • IBM z/OS Container Extensions (zCX), which enables the ability to run almost any Linux on IBM Z Docker container in z/OS.

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What is difference between z/VM vs z/OS ?

The major difference between IBM z/VM and z/OS is that – the z/VM is the Hypervisor that is direclty installed on IBM mainframe servers and z/OS is the UNIX based operating system to runs the high workload production applications.

Which platforms support z/VM vs z/OS ?

The z/VM and z/OS was developed by IBM only for mainframe server for highly critical workload.

Is Nutanix Supports z/VM vs z/OS ?

No, Nutanix Platform supported hypervisors ( Nutanix AHV, VMware ESXi or Hyper-V ) does not support z/VM and z/OS. IBM z/VM and z/OS is compatible and degsined to run on IBM mainframe servers only.

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The z/VM and z/OS is IBM products and supports IBM mainframe servers only, Nutanix platform and Nutanix native AHV hypervisor does not support it.

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