Nutanix AHV: Deploy Aruba Appliance

Nutanix AHV Runs Aruba

To deploy / install / create Aruba OS appliance, Aruba Virtual Mobility Controller VMC appliance, Aruba Mobility Master MM appliance guest VM on Nutanix AHV is simple as we create another Windows / Linux guest VMs.

In Nutanix AHV cluster it is very easy to deploy / Install / create Aruba OS Virtual Mobility Controller VMC, Aruba Mobility controller MM on Nutanix AHV, just need to follow simple steps to deploy it as described in this blog.

Lets explore the Aruba OS and installation way.

Aruba Appliance

Aruba wireless solutions deliver the flexibility and high performance needed to meet the requirements of any midsize business or high-density enterprise. With support for the new Wi-Fi 6 standard, along with built-in AI intelligence, IoT protocols, location services, and seamless roaming, you can ensure an unmatched Wi-Fi experience. With flexible and high-performance wireless, Aruba meets the need of any midsize or high-density enterprise.

Get granular visibility into users, devices, and apps running on your WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN to deliver the performance and reliability your business demands. Simplify your operations with Aruba’s easy-to-use and powerful on premise or cloud-based network management solutions.

Aruba Virtual Mobility Master / Controller

The Aruba Mobility Master MM and Aruaba Virtaul Mobility Controller VMC provide a 64-bit virtualized software-based managed platform on virtual machine (VM) architecture. The Aruba Mobility Master and VMC operate on x86 platforms in a hypervisor environment and can reside with other virtualized appliances.

The Aruba Mobility Master and Aruba VMC are centralized management platforms for deployment in a virtualized network infrastructure. Some of the key security features offered by the Aruba Mobility Master and VMC are:

  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Support
  • Security
  • Policy
  • Rogue Detection and Suppression
  • Security Firewa

Aruba Appliance Prerequisites

I have taken out the random latest version of Aruba Mobility Controller VMC appliance and Aruba Mobility Master MM appliance example with minimum system requirements.

SKUsHypervisorMinimum vCPU Minimum Memory Minimum vDisk Size in GBvNIC
Arunba Mobility Controller VMCKVM6470 GB4
Aruba Mobility Master MMKVM81670 GB4

Note: Aruba VMC and MM minimum System requirement may vary it depends on software version and SKUs. Please check on Aruba webpage

Install / Deploy Aruba Appliance

To install / deploy / create Aruba OS, Aruba Virtual Mobility Controller- VMC appliance, Aruba Mobility Master- MM appliance VM on Nutanix AHV cluster.

Nutanix Recommended Software:
Nutanix AHV version: 20170830.301 or later
Nutanix AOS version: 5.10 or later

Step 1: Download the ArubaOS ISO image ( Recommended) of Aruba Mobility Controller VMC appliance, Aruba Mobility Controller MM appliance from here Download Aruba OS Software

Step 2: Upload the Aruba Mobility Controller VMC appliance, Aruba Mobility Controller MM appliance into Nutanix image services through Nutanix Prism.

Step 3: Create Aruba Mobility Controller VMC Guest VM on Nutanix AHV

Step 4: Installation Process of Aruba Mobility controller VMC

Step 4.1: Enter command “Full” to setup

Install Aruba VMC Step-1
Install Aruba VMC Step-1

Step 4.2: Follow the setup wizard and enter the input shown below:

Install Aruba VMC Step-2
Install Aruba VMC Step-2

Note: After installation shutdown the Aruba VMC guest VM and follow Step 5 to complete the network configuration through command line.

Step 5: Aruba Mobility Controller VMC Guest VM’s vNIC Trunk Mode configuration ( Recommended ) Lets Enable / Change the VLAN Mode of vNIC to Trunk Mode through command line. more details visit: Nutanix AHV: Enable VLAN Trunk Mode on Guest VM

Run following command to Enable Trunk mode on Aruba VMC Guest VM:

cvm$ acli vm.nic_update <VM_Name> <vNIC_Mac_Address> network=<Virtual-Network-Name> vlan_mode=kTrunk trunk_networks=<VLAN_IDs-With-comma) update_vlan_trunk_info=true

Output would be similar like:

Nutanix AHV- Enable Trunk Mode on Aruba VMC
Nutanix AHV- Enable Trunk Mode on Aruba VMC

Note: After enabling the Trunk Mode on Aruab VMC guest VM’s vNICs you can power on the Aruba VMC guest VM.

Step 6: Now you can login to Aruba VMC appliance and do further configuration with Aruba AP.


Nutanix AHV supports most of the all type of appliances to deploy as guest VM with full functionality. Nutanix AHV is cloud enable virtualization stack and future of cloud technology. Nutanix AHV simplified the hypervisor layer and remove the 80% complexity from virtualization stack.

Nutanix HCI is the most simple and user friendly platform to work with peace.

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