Nutanix IPMI Interface Default Credential and IP Address

Nutanix IPMI Default Credential

Nutanix Super Micro IPMI web console has its own IPMI default credentials user id and password and None configured default IPMI IP address to login in to IPMI console to manage and modify configuration.

Nutanix IPMI web console has default user name and password with IP address. Nutanix user NX series of hardware manufactured by Super Micro it best hardware vendor in server manufacturing industry.

Supermicro assigned the name IPMI ( Intelligent Platform Management Interface ) to manage BMC a hardware management chip set.

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Nutanix IPMI Default Credential

Nutanix node come with default IPMI credentials User id and password is here:

Nutanix IPMI Default web console credential

Userid : ADMIN
Password : ADMIN

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Nutanix IPMI Default IP Address

Nutanix node come without any Default IP Address configuration, simply say Nutanix nodes doesn’t configured any default ip address on AHV, CVM even IPMI.

Nutanix nodes are factory default with ” NO Default IP Address

Nutanix IPMI IP Addr Configuration

Nutanix node IPMI static IP Address can be configured from BIOS to press “DEL” key during server booting time and go to IPMI tab to configure the IPMI IP address.

Prerequisites : you just need one monitor, VGA cable and USB keyboard to connect with Nutanix node.

IPMI Version List

There are currently 3 IPMI versions listed here:

IPMI v1.0 – Autonomous access, logging and control. IPMI messaging command sets, sensor data records and event messages. Access through system interfaces like memory mapped IO, I2C bus etc.

IPMI v1.5 – Ability to send IPMI messages to BMC over LAN, alerting.
No SOL as part of the standard’s specification but some vendor specific SOL implementations.

IPMI v2.0 – Serial Over LAN enabling console redirection, access control, enhanced authentication, packet encryption using RCMP+, SMbus interface.

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