Change Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor AHV Hostname Without Taking Reboot

Change Nutanix Acropolis AHV Hypervisor Hostname

Nutanix Hyper HCI developed it’s own KVM based hypervisor known as Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) which enterprise cloud ready platform to build Hyper HCI infrastructure to run any type of applications in production.

To change the Nutanix Acrpolis Hypervisor AHV host name is very important to make entry in Domain Name Server (DNS) for name resolution.

Lets proceed to do hands on changing Nutanix AHV host name will have to run simple command and do edit two scripts to change the Nutanix AHV hostname.

Changing Nutanix AHV Host name

Step 1 : SSH to Nutanix AHV host using port number 22 through putty client
Download : Putty client software

Step 2 : check current Nutanix AHV host name first

ahv@root# hostname

Step 3 : Edit the /etc/sysconfig/network file and set the parameter

Result would be like this

Changing Nutanix AHV hostname in network file as below

ahv@root# vi /etc/sysconfig/network

Save the file to enter :wq!

Step 4 : Edit the /etc/hostname file

Result would be like this

Changing Nutanix AHV hostname in hostname file as below

ahv@root# vi /etc/hostname
Note : Remove the Old-AHV-Hostname entry then enter New-AHV-Hostname

Save the file to enter :wq!

Step 5 : Change current Nutanix AHV host display name

ahv@root# hostname New-AHV-Hostname

Above steps will successfully change the Nutanix AHV hostname
but New-AHV-hostname will not reflect in Nutanix Prism Web-console untill you reboot the Nutanixh AHV host and its hosting Nutanix CVM.

Run Acropolis command to avoid AHV host reboot

To avoid AHV host reboot and reflect New-AHV-Hostname in Nutanix Prism or Prism Central need to run single extra command

Step 1 : SSH to Nutanix CVM of that particular AHV host you were changing the AHV hostname

Run following command

CVM$genessis stop acropolis; cluster start

Step 2 : Log out from SSH of Nutanix CVM and AHV host

Step 3 : Now log on to Nutanix AHV host with SSH and Nutanix Prism web console to see New-AHV-Hostname.

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To change Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor AHV hostname is easy with simple commands and editing linux scripts but be careful during running command and editing scripts, otherwise wrong command or editing script will mesh up.

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