Nutanix Online Demo

Are you authorized partner or nutanix employee ? If your answer is Yes 😉 have great news for you. Nutainx recently launched Nutanix online demo lab for Free Live Demo website for their partners and employees to use it as technical Nutanix Lab.

Nutainx online demo lab is free to demostrate live Nutanix technology demo to presenting Nutanix Prism functionality and features – to show how it is easy to manage Nutanix IT-Infra from Prism web console.

Nutanix online demo lab website resolved followings problems:

  1. No more need to carry Nutanix POC server to show Nutanix Prism functionality
  2. No more need a engineer to configure it for every client site
  3. Worldwide accessibility
  4. Mobile friendly platform
  5. Multi cluster environment

Nutanix Online Lab

Nutanix online demo lab need following prerequisite to login on Nutanix Online Lab website.

Nutanix online Lab website URL is

Nutanix Online Lab System requirement

  1. Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile any one of them
  2. Internet connection al least 1Mbps would be great for faster web browsing
  3. Any web browser chrome (recommended) /Firefox/safari/opera/IE etc.

Nutanix Online Lab – Login credential requirement

For Nutanix Authorized partner:

1. Your business mail id must be registered with Nutanix portal
2. Nutanix Login ID and password

For Nutanix employees:

1. Nutanix Login ID and password
2. You’ll be asked for an mobile app or for your Okta challenge question to verify credentials.

Nutanix Online Demo Lab website offer Multi cluster environment and products as mentioned below to demonstrate.

  • AHV
  • ESXi
  • Prism Central
  • Beam
  • Era
  • Karbon
  • Epoch
  • Dell XC
  • Lenovo HX
  • Files

Nutanix demo instruction guide on
Watch detailed video below: website instructions video guide

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